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Here be tiebreakers and challenges a'plenty.

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A present for three of my Muses: velvetwhip, snogged and kikimay
Always the Hours (Buffy/Willow, STSP) 2015 by yours truly.
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[As I was saying about tiebreakers....]

* Here be tiebreaker voting for Round 8 of btvsats20in20. Four in all, including a five-way for 2nd place category icon, so make sure you cast your vote in all four, unless your's is one of the nominated entries. (What is it with this corner of fandom and five-ways lately? Is this something I should consult my copy of Freud about?)

* Cast your votes in slayerstillness Challenge 42, "Out of Character"; deadline tomorrow April 14th.  Then when you're done check out the newly-posted master list of past challenges and suggest new ideas in the comments thread. Entries for Challenge 43, "Helpless" (dedicated to one of my favorite episodes) are due Friday April 24th. I don't imagine I'll improve upon the heartbreaking Helpless icon I snagged from teragramm (2014) but I'm game to try.
"Sorrow" theme icon by teragramm for btvsats20in20 Round 2, 2014. Isn't it gorgeous?

* And speaking of teragramm,  I was about to mention that there was still time to vote in seasonal_spuffy banner challenge for Round 18. (teragramm happens to be a moderator for the comm...and that just might be the worst segueway I've ever written, but here we are anyway.) Except it's on British time and so the voting is now closed and the winner is banner # 3 by kazzy_cee.  Congratulations!

I'll post my own entries (6 - 12) plus extra icons here shortly but I want to give a shout-out to comlodge's lovely Banner #5.  It's elegant yet warm, the layering is sophisticated and it tells a complete and satisfying story. I adore the way she has different scenes interlaced but especially Buffy's hand grasping the Scythe placed just beyond the image of Buffy and Spike lying in bed together, as if Buffy were simply reaching out from where she is laying. I also love how the artist included the circle of Buffy, Faith and the Potentials dripping the blood from their hands over the Hellmouth, reminding me that it's all connected, one of the central themes of Season 7 to my mind.

I'm so honored to be one of your muses! And also how amazing: The Hours quote <3 <3 and these ladies. Oh, my heart.
That image was partly inspired by the Hours and I added the quote with you in mind, sweetheart. I'm so happy you like it!

these ladies. Oh, my heart.

This is THE YEAR we turn fandom's attention and appreciate to the ladies, full-stop.

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Thank for the shot out on my "Helpless icon". I feel as if I have done so many icons for "Helpless" that I have nothing left to give for that episode. I might just skip this round, especially since my seasonal spuffy day is fast approaching.

Four in all, including a five-way for 2nd place category icon I Know... so many tie breakers, to me that means they were all good and voters couldn't make up their minds.

I want to give a shout-out to comlodge's lovely Banner #5. It sure was lovely, there were many nice banners this round, including your #6 and the winner by kazzy_cee.

to me that means they were all good and voters couldn't make up their minds.

I think that "pick 6 individual icons" is usually the hardest aspect of voting on 20in20 rounds and this one was no exception. There was so much good stuff - and of the same or similar quality.

OTOH, the themes winners this time were usually pretty clear-cut IMO and I agreed with most of those.

Good luck to you on your AC set btw! Both yours and Rua's sets are wonderful in very different ways; I can see why they ended up tied for 2nd place.

there were many nice banners this round,

I'm guessing that yours was #2 this round? Just a guess. I like the composition of it - the alternating sizes of the blocks keeps the composition dynamic. They actually form two overlapping triangles. (I notice weird stuff I guess.)

I just saw your past banners post thank you for doing that! Holy cow there are some eye-poppers in that post that I'd never seen before.
I'm honored to be considered a muse. Thank you!
Love the banner.
I am honored to count you among my Muses. Thank you for all your support, inspiration and friendship, m'dear!

Love the banner.

Thank you! *iz happy*