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Congratulations to the Winnners of this round of the Willowy Goodness Awards!

What it says on the tin - but the tin doesn't say it all. Several folks I am tremendously proud to call friends are amoung this years winners: Gabrielle (velvetwhip), snogged, spikesredqueen, rua1412, dragonyphoenix, snickfic, snowpuppies, brutti_ma_buoni, punch_kicker15. I am so proud and pleased to not only call these folks my friends, but to know that good work is being recognized and honored. It gives one hope. Congratulations to all the winners and a big round of applause to dragonydreams for running the awards year-in, year-out.

Any of of the stories on the winners and nominee list by the abovenamed authors would be well worth your time. Yes, yes I am biased: velvetwhip's "Civilian" and "In The Shadow of the Dead", snowpuppies "Memory" and "Try", punch_kicker15's "Truly Missed the Boat" , brutti_ma_buoni's "A Half-Formed Thing", snogged's "Passion (Rules Us All)", and...well I'll leave you to discover your own personal favorites. Don't forget to check out the nominees list as well!

Most of these categories were difficult to vote in (I had a few favorites, of course) but few more so than the art category ("Best Photo Manipulation or Layout".)  How in the WORLD to choose between spikesredqueen's heartbreaking WIld at Heart - Animal Way and rua1412's lush, wildly sensual Willow/Angel banner? I came very close to asking dragonydreams "Do you allow tie votes, pretty please? Can't I chose both?"
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Oh wow, you too? Yesterday (Sunday) my sweetie and I went for a walk in a land preserve that we'd never been to before and managed to get ourselves hopeless lost. A 30-40 minute walk ended up lasting an hour and a half. And we had water on us but no snacks (and we're usually so well-prepared on our walks)

The burger I had afterwards never tasted so good *lol*

I hope you're feeling a bit more rested today?
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I basically came home and read fanfic all evening.

And I came home and made banners and icons *lol* but I have SO much reading to catch up on!
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And I will NOT confess that your Giles as the big bad fic is among those I am hideously horribly behind on reading. Nope, you did not hear me say that. Nor pretty much all of spuffy_luvr's fics, nor this one that I lost because it was bookmarked on my old computer, a rewrite of S5 in which Giles and Joyce are an actual item (the angst! the angst! why didn't Joss think of that?) or a rewrite of S7 WIP.....

the list goes on.
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I popped in at the chapter where Joyce has been diagnosed with cancer and Giles is talking to Buffy and internally distressed about losing the woman he loves (again) and the prose looked lovely and I thought oh Joss why the HELL didn't you do this on the show (but I shipped Joyce and Giles anyway) and my bookmark was lost when the old computer was crispy fried .

If I find it again I WILL share the link, hon.
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I am so flattered that you think so well of my stories. I don't think you know how much it means to me. THANK YOU.

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You're welcome, that banner is a gorgeous thing and I somehow managed to miss seeing it until it was a nominee. (That's really the best thing about these awards IMO).

I often find hard to chose among fanart or fics in the voting polls :)

Apparently you've never heard me whine about how impossible it is to vote in icon tests? :P

Sometimes I don't find it hard to choose at all, but one doesn't like to admit that.
I totally agree about how difficult it was to choose just one to vote for in many of the categories! Thanks so much for the shout-out.
You're very welcome hon! I'd love to see more Willow and Buffy tics from you (shippy and/or friendship) if you're so moved.

Something I find extremely challenging with fic contests is choosing between stories that are very very different in length, style etc. For ex: Trying to choose between a multi-chapter story that has less exquisite prose but a plot to sustain; vs a much shorter fic that doesn't have a plot but is entirely concerned with characterization and precision of language. Apples to oranges.

I understand now why some fic contests break down categories very strictly by length of story.

Whereas in icontests, it's two or more icons, same size, same shape, same purpose. Apples to apples. (And I still agonize anyway.)