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A Welcome Reprieve: Voting Deadline EXTENDED on Round 8 of btvsats20in20!

A.k.a. "Someday Sister Red will figure out how to write titles that aren't completely redundant to the content of the post or something to that effect"

After much time, effort and headache, bangel_4e has resolved the Photobucket wonkiness that kept some Round 8 icons from appearing properly and has graciously extended the voting deadline until  Sunday April 12th. So if you haven't voted yet or want to double check your votes you have time to so.  (Also one more day to tell your friends.) Thank you muchly bangel_4e for the extension!

Remember there are three voting polls: Themes, Category and Artist's Choice.

And don't forget to follow the links to the artists' original posts and offer effusive words of love. If you're snagging for personal use, let the artist know, it's always nice to hear that someone wants to use your icons. We make them to be used not just looked at.   A lot of time and effort are spent on these beauties but as visual artists we don't tend to talk about that (in comparison to writers talking about their craft) so they all seems to pop out magically and instantaneously. So the craft of making an icon or banner isn't properly valued and neither, I think, is the artwork itself.

Now goest thou and vote!
There are some truly beautiful things aren't there? I think I've snagged more icons by other artists from this round than any other so far.