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My sweetie's paintings on ebay

I don't know why it hadn't occured to me until now that I could do this (being Buffy-centric in my focus here) but once again my S.O. has put up a number of her paintings on ebay.

She's always certain nothing will sell - and something always does, but it takes patience and lots of relisting.  The furthest afield was a buyer in Austria.  She's also positive she "can't paint" but she keeps plugging at it because she has to, because it's a part of her - and because she's stubborn.  (I doubt any praise or feedback from me helps much in that regard.)geenpep1000pwebay
Those are beautiful! Please tell your sweetie so from me.

If I had an art budget I'd totally buy one.
Oh I will, thank you! Did you check out the slightly smaller dog and the chicken paintings we just added? She's so good at animals.