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My sweetie's paintings on ebay

I don't know why it hadn't occured to me until now that I could do this (being Buffy-centric in my focus here) but once again my S.O. has put up a number of her paintings on ebay.

She's always certain nothing will sell - and something always does, but it takes patience and lots of relisting.  The furthest afield was a buyer in Austria.  She's also positive she "can't paint" but she keeps plugging at it because she has to, because it's a part of her - and because she's stubborn.  (I doubt any praise or feedback from me helps much in that regard.)geenpep1000pwebay
Thanks! I let her know that last night and I think she was glad. Trying to get through the wall of her self-esteem (or lack thereof) is a bit of a challenge.

Your clock icon reminds of Moulin Rouge (the 2001 film), in the swooping transitional scenes of "Paris" where everything is sepia-toned and scratchy to imitate old film stock. Did you do the effects on this?
Thanks! I need to put up another red dog painting today - same dog, totally different style of painting so you'd never know they were the same.
I like a lot of her paintings - ok, not all of them equally of course - but she doesn't believe me when I say that most of the time. Or, more often than not, the ones that leave me cold are the ones she loves and vice-versa.

She did a gorgeous, somewhat "impressionistic" painting of a bison skull (based on a real one that we actually have hanging on the kitchen wall) that I made her promise never to sell because it's my favorite of hers'. She has used the image on a couple of mugs, and it looks great.
Those are beautiful! Please tell your sweetie so from me.

If I had an art budget I'd totally buy one.
Oh I will, thank you! Did you check out the slightly smaller dog and the chicken paintings we just added? She's so good at animals.