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My banners for Whedon Elite Challenge 113

Congratulations to neatmonster, rua1412 and sietepecados on their gorgeous entries!

Banners after the cut:

3rdplacetierua1412banner533x338_byrsd_WErd113_final.png (Teaser)

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The theme was "concealed" - a face had to be concealed by an object (hand, hair, etc), and I extended the theme with one of the final images from "Anne", when Buffy's face is half-revealed as Joyce opens the front door. The plain space of the door was a perfect field for text, but I added a woodgrain texture and let part of it cover Buffy's face as well, so she's concealed twice-over in the image. The woodgrain on her face looks more like a torn piece of gauze curtain.

I think I'm getting faster at these -  I knocked them out in a night; the hardest part was not the textures or the text but the frames around the icons themselves. I wanted a touch of "elegance" in the frames and font style to contrast the coarse woodgrain.

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You're very welcome, m'dear! I said it before but I'm mad about the coloring and softness of your Dopplegangland icon.

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I've heard that before and I've attempted it but have yet to achieve it. I need to watch some tutorials. Even if it's for PS Elements 12 I can probably transfer some of the info to ipiccy.
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These banners are a fitting tribute to the icons they honour! Brava!

Thank you dear, I'm so glad you think so!

I'm always worried that I'm "showing off" or being too visually busy and overwhelming the icons but I really feel good about these banners. In fact, I'm super-thrilled with them. I hadn't planned on the woodgrain texture originally but once I did I knew I'd want the text to look as if it were carved or burnished into the wood.

(What is it about me and woodgrains? Maybe all the woodcutting I've done the last couple of years is coming in handy. I didn't plan on using that texture but it just worked.)
WOW that was a quick reply! *lol*

I really like it but I forget to use it sometimes. I was actually thinking about the other banners I used woodgrain for when I started this (the purple glow woodgrain banners for SS and 20in20) I need to go deeper into all those nature photos I've taken. I like the contrast of very soft filters and rough woodgrains.

That seems to be a stylistic theme in my work, "contrasts".