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Awards Banners for Whedon Elite Challenge 112

Congratulations again to the winners of whedon_elite Challenge 112 "Illyria" sietepecados, rua1412, starry_night and hsapiens; the winning entries were a uniformly beautiful set that took full advantage of the inherent glamour and drama of the character. Your awards banners are HERE at the winners post.


FINAL_1stplacesietepecadosbyredsatindoll_WE112    FINAL_2ndplacerua1412byredsatindoll_WE112   FINAL_3rdplacesietepecadosbyredsatindoll_WE112

FINAL_bestcolorstarry_nightbyredsatindoll_WE112   FINAL_bestcropstarry_nightbyredsatindoll_WE112   FINAL_modschoicehsapiensbyredsatindoll_WE112
Deadline for Challenge 113 "Concealed" is Sunday March 22, 3pm EST; in the meantime please check out the knock-out entries by rua1412 and neatmonster here and here.
Beautiful work! The chain border around the icons is a really nice touch.

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Thank you hon! I was sort of worried these were too fussy (which didn't stop me, obviously)

The chain border around the icons is a really nice touch.

So glad that works! Doing the lace borders on the last SS banners encouraged me to try something new here and I wanted something that invoked "chain mail" or armor, something militaristic and hard. The frame is the same image layered twice in two different settings - once for the background blue color then a second time for the chain itself.
These are beautiful banners! I think it accents the Illyria icons very, very well and it is very fitting for the character!
Thank you! I probably shouldn't admit that I haven't actually watched the character (or Fred Burkle) and my knowledge of them comes entirely from fan fiction and meta. But somehow I wanted to emphasize "chaos" in these banners because that's what I think of when I think of how Illyria came to be in Fred's skin, what it must be like to be a limitless god suddenly trapped inside a human shell - chaos, power, fracturing, confusion (not unlike Glory in btvs S5, who is sort of the dry run for Illyria I'd guess)
If you have not watched Angel the series after watching all of BTVS, I highly recommend it. I really enjoyed it when it was on tv airing every week (goodness, how I miss new episodes of both shows!). The only season I wasn't particularly fond of was season 4 and it was because of what they did with plot toward the end of the season. I really liked Amy Acker as Fred and Illyria, she is a gifted actress. Again, highly recommended show from me. BTVS and ATS are the two shows I can't get enough of! You may really like it. :)

ETA: Chaos is a good word to emphasize when it comes to Illyria. I like both Illyria and Fred as two different characters, it was truly interesting to watch it unfold.

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The only season I wasn't particularly fond of was season 4 and it was because of what they did with plot toward the end of the season.


You mean what happened to Cordy? I got spoiled for that while I was still watching btvs and when it came time, it was too hard/painful for me to get into ats because I didn't want to fall in love with a character again and then lose her (the way I had with Tara - once again, I knew the what but not the when).

Then after the apartment fire I saw mickaybee's (sp?) fan video brave new world with a snippet from the ep "Your Welcome" and I could not stop crying.

So at some point I'm sure I will watch it (I saw a little of Lorne and want to watch more). I did watch the couple of episodes in S7 that SMG guest-starred in (and I will never watch IWRY again. Oh Angel...such a well-intentioned dope.)
Yes, and how they handled everything with her character as well. I hope you can enjoy the show, I know it can be heartbreaking to get to love characters and lose them. I adore Lorne! I think that was season 4 of BTVS and season 1 of ATS when Buffy started to make a few guest appearances. It was a sad episode. You'll have to let me know how you like the series once you get into it!
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