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I just discovered that I once again have a mysterious benefactor who has gifted me with additional userpic space for an entire year - THANK YOU THANK YOU and hot damn!

Yes, I was trying to be all philosophical the other day when my temporary package expired the other day that I didn't need all those extra icons. Oh phooey.  Fact is, I LOVED having those extra icons. I was addicted to trotting them out, to having a gallery where I could show off the work of more artists alongside my own. Having room for not one but three Summers women icons (five if you count my Buffy & Dawn icons), for whatever had most recently won an award or I just happened to like best at the moment.

So a goodly number of those 60+ icons i jettisoned the other day can come back to Mama, asap.  I also have a "shopping list" that includes bangel_4e and kwritten's icons, hsapiens and many other amazing fan artists. How many folks can I fit into one gallery?
I am thrilled for you. Have fun filling the space! LJ friends are the best, aren't they?

Have fun filling the space!

Oh I will, believe me *rubs hands gleefully*

And yes, I am truly blessed by the friendships I've found here. :D Such incredible, caring souls.

I'm very glad btw that I've checked in at least once a day instead of disappearing altogether as was my original plan this week - I feel more connected than I have in some time and it's been so helpful. I need to remember that and not just forget to post for weeks.
Yay for nice people! Yay for extra icons! Yay for nice people who mention me as among the people helping to fill that space. :)
Name-dropping yields dividends, yay! :D

And who'd've thunk I'd ever snag a Calvin and Hobbes icon?

(I really love the Never Leave Me buffy icon but i think I already mentioned that somewhere? I'm reluctant to snag because you use it, but that's a weird quirk of mine.) Do you take commissions btw?
Yay! I'm so happy for you! Can't wait to see which icons you're going to take.
I;ve only filled half the space and several are ones I had when I had the temporary extra space, but I'm trying to add some new ones to the mix.
- (Anonymous)
Oh dear, you're going down the icon space rabbit hole. See you at the part of "why the hell am I still paying money for this shitty website anyway". :P But YES getting gifted is so nice.
Barely earning enough money to cover rent has it's strengths - it prevents me from spending money on things I shouldn't . (Sometimes)
Sigh, do I ever know the feeling. Sometimes you just gotta treat yo self, though. But it's nice when others treat you.

BTW, reading kwritten's excellent fic last night reminded me I wanted to do a little something for your birthday, in a very belated fashion. So. I drew a little something. It's barely more than a colored sketch, nothing super thought out... but I know you like winged!Buffy and this idea just popped into my head. :')
Oh thank you so much sweetheart! *HUGS YOU* This will be the third winged Buffy to add to my collection (I don't know if you saw teragramm's the other day? But I've never seen anything like this - Buffy as "Avenging Angel", as Warrior Angel in the really old-fashioned Biblical sense. (But it makes all kinds of sense in canon because that's what she is, isn't she?)

And I'm so glad you read Kelsey's fic! I haven't had time to pimp it properly here which I need to, it's beyond excellent; given that you were the first person to write me a Bara fic I'm not surprised you liked it. BARA SHIPPERS UNITE!
Yeah, I just thought she wouldn't be someone with pure white wings, but just a bit tinged with gray, dirt and blood -- if you noticed, her design here is taken from her dress in Bargaining. It's also very manga/anime-inspired; Angel Sanctuary (which is what my rusty ol' blog header is from) and especially Haibane Renmei in particular. The latter is about a bunch of girls who wake up in a strange compound after their deaths -- with wings. Their wings are usually white, but can get tarnished with severe negative feelings. It kinda screams for a Buffy-and-Faith AU tbh.

HELL YEAH. It's not my first pic for a ship and I don't read much fic for it, but Kelsey's was so great. The whole deconstruction of Good Girl Syndrome (TM)? Genius. Especially in Buffy and Tara.
It kinda screams for a Buffy-and-Faith AU tbh.

Oh MAN does it ever! brutti_ma_buoni's Fic series that started my Winged Buffy fascination are very Giles/Faith and Spuffy, and very little interaction between the four, but you know me - I'm all about the ladies and their shared arcs.

It's not my first pic for a ship and I don't read much fic for it,

I've read nearly everything I can find, and there isn't much. And when I say "Bara" as a ship, I actually do mean in the broadest sense - romantic ship and / or friendship. Just their relationship in general, whichever way you want to go with it. It's funny how they've become my OTP over the past year or so. I'm beyond bored with the whole Spuffy / Bangel thing.

The whole deconstruction of Good Girl Syndrome (TM)? Genius. Especially in Buffy and Tara.

Oh exactly so. People see the two of them as so different but I tend to see all the ways they are actually similar; the way Kelsey captured that is astonishing. Because I am that Good Girl (TM), I know everything she writes about, I know what Buffy and Tara struggle against down to the bone.

ETA: STOP THE PRESSES HOLD THE PHONE! Unless I'm not seeing it, you forgot to sign and date your work sweetheart (even if it's your pseudonym.) It's my job to make sure folks do that - especially women, claiming our own work is a feminist issue!

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