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btvsats20in20: Won't you break some ties for Round 7? Plus Slayerstillness pimpage and love

But first a word from our (other) sponsor:
[This way to the lovefest....]

Thank you everyone who voted in Challenge 37 of slayerstillness and THANK YOU starry_night for the Mods' Choice Award! Congratulations rua1412, tempertemper, teragramm, sweet_lyri and kwritten for your wins this round - this was the most fun I've had in a round in a long time. kwritten hit the nail on the head as to why this was such a great round in her usual incisive, penetrating way.

Thank you also starry_night for taking over the banner-making duties this round; this is the second round I've had to pass on it. Y'all know I'm a banner-makin' fool, so if i decline the job, real life has gotten in the way really and for true.  When the banners for this set are available I'll show them off along with the banners I earned for Round 37 & 38.

But until then - deadine for Challenge 40, "Primary Colors" is Friday, February 13.


What it says on the tin: Please cast your votes HERE to help break ties in Category Set and Category Icon Placement, AC Set and AC Icon Placement for Round 7 of btvsats20in20.  So many pretty things, so hard to choose, so many things I want to snag... *ahem*

As many folks have voted already as voted in the main polls - 17, to be exact - but more votes are definitely needed and welcome.  Especially considering the fact that AC Icon placement is, in the tiebreaker voting, tied again.  (I would actually be cool with this myself - they're both gorgeous icons. But apparently, ties must be broken and it only takes one vote.) Deadline to vote is Thursday March 5.

This round I let RL get in the way of pimping it properly, for which I apologize; next round I promise to do a better job.
Getting an early start therefore: Sign up for Round 8 here; themes for the round are posted here - and one of my favorite icons from my own Round 4 Normal Again set is used as an example of the "Pop Art" theme, thus fulfillng one of my Personal Fandom Ambitions (TM) for 2015!  (Seriously, I have a list.)

FYI - Don't try to compliment bangel_4e on the gorgeous Spike/Dru banner for this round because she'll get all modest on ya. I already tried it. (To those of us who don't know how to get that look, it's a big freakin' deal.)

I went and voted. It was HARD!

Kudos to everyone on their wins!!!

*hugs you*

*hugs you back*

I need to do a catch-up post on my slayerstillness icons the last three rounds - of which you have played a very important part as my Muse (beta is too coarse a term, dahling).

It was HARD!



Thank you again :)
I promise it's all because of Topaz (and you just have to mess around with settings so I can't take any credit whatsoever)! However, I'm glad you like it :)
Suck up the compliments baby, 'cause that's what I do around here. :D

(I promise I'll be better about accepting compliments about my art and believe it when people say I'm nice instead of pooh-poohing it all the time if you will, deal?)

Thank you sweetheart! I know RL has been coming first for you lately but if you have a chance to come and play it'd be wonderful - your art and your presence have been missed.

I've had to really figure out what I can handle - I hated dropping out of round 7 of 20in20 but doing that left me enough energy and time to at least enter a couple of rounds of slayerstillness, and make banners for whedon_elite (another comm you might want look into? - they only require 1-3 entries per person max.)
You're welcome! rua1412 kindly suggested it to me (now it's open to anyone and therefore no longer "elite").

(I happen to be the comm's official banner maker btw. Not that THAT should influence you in any way. *LMAO* Srsly, there are some great artists there who were entirely new to me. Funny how there can be all these little corners of fandom artists within the same fandom barely rubbing shoulders or not even touching one another except in passing. We're like the species on the Galapagos that Darwin studied, evolving independently of one another.)
Thank you so much for the kind words!

And I only thought up that metaphor today - only now i'm seeing all of us as a bunch of weird-looking birds on a rocky cliff next to the ocean...maybe not such a great metaphor after all *lol*
I went and voted! No wonder there was a tie that are all great!
Thank you for voting!

It really was an amazing round - I haven't been effusive enough perhaps but only because I love so much of it.
Congrats on your mod's choice award and on your icon recognition achievement. :)

It was really hard to vote on those ties!
Thank you so much sweetheart - for the kind words AND especially for the tremendous support and encouragement you've given me.

It was really hard to vote on those ties!

It's like, close my eyes and throw the dart, because it's good either way, knowwhatimean?