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I never did say a proper thank you...(and special presents from Spikesredqueen and teragramm)

To everyone who wished me Happy Birthday last week THANK YOU so very much!

(and thanks to LJ's lousy non-existent notification system I am still discovering birthday presents and wishes.)  If I've missed saying thank you please forgive me, I'm working on catching up.  I've worked more hours at work this month and been well nigh exhausted, which also explains my lack of posts.

Two gifts in particular I wanted to show off to everyone:

[This way to the artwork inside the gallery]

spikesredqueen asked me the other day what I'd like for my birthday and my eloquent response was along the lines of "um, I don't know" - so knowing my love of the buffyverse ladies, she made me this beautiful Buffy/Faith/Willow banner! (Try making a smushname out of that.) Isn't it sexy and ethereal, elegant and scrumptious?   It makes me wish I were a fic writer because it feels like the inspiration for a post-series 'verse, a Witch and two Slayers, powerful, strong-willed women saving the world and having incredible adventures.

Speaking of sexy, ethereal and elegant:


teragramm made this incredible addition to my Winged Buffy collection. Once again I'm awe of how skillfull the artistry is here, how delicate and how beautifully these two banners belong together.  Teragramm's choice of text very much evokes memories of Buffy throughout the seasons for me, an "ordinary" girl who is really quite extraordinary in ways she herself can't begin to see; an Everywoman who takes on the weight of the world time and again.

Artwork by their respective creators do NOT snag, steal or archive without their express permission.

Oh wow, look at these wonderful gifts! *_* Also, now I want to read that fic...
I want someone to write it! (Don't look at me kids...I can sometimes write bits and pieces but nothing that goes anywhere. You know, beginnings and endings and stuff like that *lol*)

thank you for commenting, they're wonderful gifts aren't they?
Wow. Just wow. I love both banners. They are so elegant and beautiful and I love all the white, it's perfect. Brave!
I didn't notice how beautifully they paired together until I put this post up.

Thank you for stopping by sweetheart! I hope you're feeling calmer about your exam?
I love how beautifully her's and yours pair up together! I'm really fortunate to receive such beautiful gifts from such thoughtful friends!
Absolutely stunning art!
You are one lucky girl!

You're quite welcome, so glad you enjoyed the Winged Buffy!!!!

I've worked more hours at work this month and been well nigh exhausted, which also explains my lack of posts. Working lots of hours is good for the pocket book but not so good for a social life.
It's an incredibly lovely gift, sweetie!

Working lots of hours is good for the pocket book but not so good for a social life.


I had a day off yesterday and had a burst of creativity - worked on banners when I probably should have been housecleaning. (those dishes will do themselves, won't they?)
I'm so late and I'm ashamed but HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!!

I totally missed the b-day notification and I totally suck!!!!!!!!!

Thank you sweetie and don't worry a bit - this is why I created "birthmonth" observances, to avoid the embarrassment of "belated"!

I'll accept birthday wishes any time.


Right? I have super-talented and thoughtful friends!
How did I not see your birthday notification when you wished me Happy Birthday not once but TWICE??


Made you a couple of icons to celebrate - hope you like them! Mwah!

 photo bdayicon4RSD_01.png  photo bdayicon4RSD_02.png

PS. WOW! Gorgeous banners!

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Oh thank you sweetheart!

Btw, I don't believe in "belated" - mainly because I'm always behind so, I've decided "birth months" are totally the way to go. *lol*

It never occurred to me that I'd get more birthday wishes posting this, I just wanted to pimp the fine work SRQ and teragramm make. But I won't refuse more wishes/

Made you a couple of icons to celebrate - hope you like them! Mwah!

Thank you so much! Between you me and the fencepost I "may" have made some icons with that first image for slayerstillness recently. (What was it we said the other week about great minds?)

But that second one - LOVE LOVE LOVE so much LOVE. The creamy background, the font, the text, just wonderful, thank you! I'll make room for it in my user pics (I have to jettison a few because the extra gift space ended yesterday *sobs*)
Would read that fic. *licks banner*

Glad your birthday has treated you well~!
Thank you hon!

(And I vote for "Filly" as a smushname.)


On a serious-er note, is there a smushname for Willow-Faith shipping? (I'd figure you'd know, your stories were probably the first W/F ones i read.)
Oh hey there, Birthday girl! Yes, I occasionally stumble onto your LJ. I just don't really know what to say these days.

BUT I still wanted to wish you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you had a good one. :)
OH HEY THERE YOU! Thank you for birthday wishes and HOW ARE YOU?

You must have been reading my mind because you were on it yesterday.