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Timing is everything (challenge vote at whedon_elite and slayerstillness)

Yes I am back - to my last-minute-Lucy ways:

Voting deadlines TODAY at whedon_elite #110 "Emerald Green" and   slayerstillness Challenge 38 "In the Beginning".

ETA: The winning entries have been announced at whedon_elite and it's a sweep: congratulations hsapiens!

And thank you to everyone who voted for my entries : becoming green iconv2for whedonelite110Jan2015 willowiconwhedonelitefinalsharpenbyredsatindoll2015 1-2


willowiconlightsbyredsatindollfinalsharpen2015 willowfaniconwarmcolorssharpenedinipiccyfinalbyredsatindoll2015 willowgreeneyeiconsharpened becomingemeraldiconforwhedonelite110_1 3-6

Even if the voting is closed, just check out the marvelous entries.  (This is one of the unfortunate things about icontests - some of my favorite icons last year were not award winners, but it's easy for them to be unfairly forgotten if folks don't see them.)

You still have plenty of time to enter the next challenges:

whedon_elite "Analogous Colors" (colors adjacent to one another on the color wheel),  and  slayerstillness "Love is in the Air" challenge for icons with "couples" - including non-canon pairings! Can I get an amen, someone? Some of the loveliest fanart I've seen has been devoted to non-canon pairings; I think the lack of preexisting material forces fanartists to be more creative in putting images together.
Thank you so much! If this keeps up my head will swell. Not that I mind....

I'm not 100% pleased with how the text came out in these, but the better my images get, the more dissatisfied I am with the limitations of my text toolbox.

BTW, have you seen the icons I did for Round 37 of Slayerstillness? I'm very pleased with those as well but need to post them here. (You do know how to motivate me.)