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Voting is up now at Whedon elite challange 109 and otherworldlyrics needs some entries

Two birds, one post:

** whedon_elite Challenge 109 : vote for first, second and third place icons out of nine entries.  (Permission granted to ignore my last post. Not as though anyone had a chance in heck of cranking out an icon with a one-hour warning. Although I would have loved to have seen that happen anyway.)

Challenge 110, "Emerald Green" has already been posted; hurrah for being fast and organized. Icons are due Sunday, February 8th by 3 pm EST.
 Remember that this comm covers the entirety of Whedon's productions including Dollhouse, Firefly, Agents of SHIELD, Marvel Avengers and, oh yeah,
a little thing called the "Buffyverse". You may have heard of it?

** The deadline for otherworldlyric Challenge 193 "Favorite New Thing" has been extended one week to midnight January 30th due to a conspicuous and total lack of entries.

Overdue congratulations are owed to the winners of Challenge 192 chic_c and xclaire_delunex for their fabulous winners.