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Vote NOW (or reasonably soon) at btvs20in20 ROUND 6

The voting posts are now up at btvsats20in20 for Round 6! The entry field is smaller this round but the choices are nonetheless sterling and still incredibly hard to make.

THEMES    - Pick the top icon out of each of the TEN themes. Because of the page's format, you must hit the "Vote" button each time individually; make sure not to miss any.

CATEGORY (Holiday Times) - Vote for 3 sets, then 6 individual icons (order doesn't matter). Again, you have to hit the two Vote buttons individually or your choice won't be tallied.

ARTIST'S CHOICE - Same voting format as Category. The "6 icons" bit is where I always agonize the most - and then mess up by voting for too many. Oops.

Because the 20in20 allows artists to post our sets before the voting, we have a choice of waiting until the vote goes up and voting "blind", or looking at the sets first. I've been more than a little remiss this month in not pimping the great sets by this round's participanting artists: oh_cheezit's "Spike and Buffy"; sweet_lyri's "Bangel"; halliwell's "Buffy Summers"; starry_night's "Harmony Kendall"; Angel (character) by tempertemper; and Willow Rosenberg by yours truly. Whichever order you vote and view, remember that feedback is love.

Thank you bangel_4e for being such a terrific moderator and so incredibly patient and gracious as always.

Thank you to everyone who already commented on my Willow set - I will answer every one of you, I promise.

And a huge, huge, can't-thank-her-enough THANK YOU to velvetwhip; if my set is any good at all it's largely because of her. The fact that it exists at all and I didn't drop out this round when I had a deadline looming but no icons and zero inspiration, is entirely due to her gentle, dependable encouragement, support and her brilliant ideas. Willow Rosenberg is still new-ish territory for me and Velvetwhip made her easier - and safer - for me to explore.  (I even made two Dark Willow icons for the first time ever and enjoyed doing them. Color me shocked.)

I absolutely loved your Willow set.

I also loved voting in this recent round of 20in20.
Thank you for voting!

I actually liked having fewer choices to vote for this time, especially when it came to the top 6 category and AC - it wasn't challenging but not quite so freaking tortuous, knowhatimean? sometimes too much of a good thing is just too much.

And - oh gosh those Harmony icons! I've never wanted a Harmony icon before - I want one NOW.
I voted!

Also, I am glad if I was any help. Your icons are SPLENDIFEROUS!

*blushes* Thank you so much sweetheart!

And thank you for voting (yes I peeked, I'm incorrigible. This round i don't have the same attachment to the outcome that I did last time - but it helps that i have a part-time job now and my entire sense of self-esteem isn't hung up on a poor little batch of innocent icons! It was just - fun again. And every one of my themes icons has at least one vote - for me, that's a win.)

This has been the first time I could spend more than a few minutes on LJ since the end of the Christmas holidays -- and I'm glad to say I spent it on voting for lots of gorgeous icons! A really hard choice, with so many lovely entries. I voted blind, but it turns out there were quite a few of your Willow ones among my choices. I also particularly loved the Harmony and Angel sets.
Thank you for voting! and for using my VW icon back at me. I love when folks do that. I'm shallow, what can I say?

I voted blind

It's funny, my memory is so bad that by the time the voting posts go up I generally forget who did what, OR I've forgotten a lot of the icons. And seeing them out of their original context they look so different to me than the first time, I don't have the same reactions I thought I might many times. So, half-blind voting? (Like, Xander's eyepatch?) *lol*

And I'm blushing and very grateful that I earned any of your votes!

(Full disclosure: I peek at the voting as to goes along. When I'm not expecting to win anything going into it or am not happy with my stuff, then just getting one vote is a big 'ol ego boost. When I do think my stuff's good going into it, it's just good old fashioned self-torture. Luckily the first option is true this round.)

I also particularly loved the Harmony and Angel sets.

Their sets are AMAZING to the nth degree.
Just want to stop by and say that I just noticed your spuffy season 6 icon (hallelujah), it's breathtakingly gorgeous. I hope you don't mind I snagged it.