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My entries and alts for whedon_elite 107

Thank you to everyone who cast votes for my icons at Challenge 107 of whedon_elite, thank you neatmonster for being so courteous and helpful to this easily-confusable newbie, and congratulations to the winners of this round: sietepecados, everythingshiny, julie_izumi and marishna! So many marvelous choices here, it maked voting terrifically hard.

This comm represents a somewhat different aesthetic style than I'm accustomed to, so I'm also very grateful again my friends and especially rua1412  for their encouragement. I had no expectation of winning because I'm not up to the same skill level - and that's not intended as a put-down, just the fact that I haven't really fully mastered all the tools I have in ipiccy at my disposal never mind PS-E. I haven't logged in the hours yet, and mastery only comes with time and practice.  My entries this round:

thehavesticonbyredsatindoll_v2ipiccyequalize willownightmaresicon1.5_ipiccyadjust vwiconlavenderdec2014 1-3)

I didn't plan the way the layout of colors and only noticed after I'd made them how they went from very cool but somewhat hard blue to softer, slightly warmer lavender, with the Willow/Nightmares icon containing both colors; probably the result of working on the rainbow set for btvsats20in20.

thehavesticonbyredsatindoll_v1pbcrp willownightmaresicon1_pbcrop vampwillow blue icon 2 vampwillowblueicondec2014 vampwillowiconlavenderbokehx2lightleak_adjwarmertone 4-8)

vampwillowiconlavenderbokehx2lightleak vampwillowcrop2_1 VWicoinwarmdeepapricot1dec2014 gdknifeicon3_zps273d470d Buffy_5x22_The_Gift_323_dragoniconapocalypsenow3 9-13)
Thank you! I love cool tones so it surprises me how hard it is for me to work with them, and it shouldn't be.
They are wonderful and I second gabrielle, great job with the coloring.
I think these look fabulous!
Also, I did vote for your Vamp!Willow icon. I love that one.
Thanks sweetie!

I just utterly adore that image of VampWillow, as you know; I'm glad there are other people out there willing to let me indulge my addiction. :D
Very pretty, I love the colours and I like a lot the last one with the dragon, which is strange since I tend to prefer icons about people, but it's really great.
You noticed the dragon, woo-hoo! I tend to prefer people too so that was my first time playing with that image. I'd like to get an even better one of that someday; the screencap looks fabulous. They must have had more money season 5 or at least for that episode.

I have a version of that without text (the color is a bit more intense) but I liked the play on the Coppola film title, which Joss references in Restless (Xander's dream) and on AtS (Apocalypse Now-ish.)
Like everybody else, I absolutely love the colours. My favourites are #2 and all the Willow ones!

I was too late to vote in this round, but will try to do so for the coming rounds.
Thanks hon I'm glad you like them! Your favorites are mine as well.

I tried to see if I could improve upon my beloved VampWillow icons I made for Round 2 of 20in20 (see see my user pic); I don't think I did, personally but I had fun anyway.

I was too late to vote in this round, but will try to do so for the coming rounds.

Yay! I won't participate in this round because it's exclusively devoted to Agents of Shield (which I have no familiarity with whatsoever) but it's a nifty challenge.
I haven't watched Agents of Shield either. I'll probably be limiting myself to the Buffyverse (and possibly Firefly) rounds.
- (Anonymous)
Well hello! *waves* Don't mind me, I'm trying to finish another icon challenge deadline - how are you doing? Happy 2015!
- (Anonymous)