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Megan's Banners for btvsats20in20 Round 5 by starry_night

Thank you very much starry_night for making these gorgeous banners, and thank you Lenore for the brilliant suggestion of the memorial banner #2 honoring Megan's participation in Round 5 of btvsats20in20. Megan's original post on pickamix journal with the entire set can be seen here.

pickamixround5btvsats20in20bystarry_night         pickamixparticipationbannerround5btvsats20in20_bystarry_night 01-02)
I think Megan would have been well and truly pleased with these banners. She took very meticulous care with her work and this set in particular, although she could be astonishingly modest. She would have approved of the care that's been taken with these banners to set off her icons, by the richness of color, by the mysterious and sensual quality of the patterns in the Best of banner.
Read the rest over at ficamix.......
These are beautiful. I love that Gunn one, I saved it myself. I wish I'd asked her about the colour and Leo choice, I know it was careful :(
She posted these on her journal but chose not to write about the meanings behind the symbols, and now I'm really sorry that she didn't, I would have liked to have known more about her thought process. (Even when I was giving her conceit it was the technical aspects she was concerned with so that's where I kept my focus - give the artist what they need from you. I guess I figured there would be time for that later.)

Have you had a chance to follow the link to what I wrote about her set over at ficamix, btw?