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Help on DW with posting images, pretty please?

Can anyone tell me how to post images to my DW posts?  Or, add images to DW posts when I begin with LJ?  When I posted on LJ about winning at the SunnyD fanfic awards on Monday, the text transferred to DW but the image/award didn't.  (There is this icon for "image" on the rich text version and it wants a url.  Most of the images I post don't have url's, and I don't see an option for simply downloading from my harddrive.)

I guess the overarching lesson here is - originate posts at DW first?  ( "But Mommy, I like LJ.  I'm used to it and it's pretty!"  I never claimed to be logical.)

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To transfer the image over, you need to copy from the html version because that has the code.

Thank you..now how the heck do I do that? (I'm just learning html, so just being able to do is about as sophisticated as I get.)
When you go to the edit your entry page to copy it, you'll see a tab on the right which says "html". Just click that and then copy from that instead of the rich text.

Believe me, I know how tricky all of this is at first.

oook-kay, I'll give that another try. Except - what exactly am I copying? (I don't have a PC btw, I have a Mac, but I have set up my mouse to have some right-click functions, don't know if that helps.)

In this case, the SunnyD award image (Best Angst Gen) is titled "R27angstgen2". I dragged that to my harddrive, downloaded it here to the LJ post no problem. How do you html that?

Copy the code in the < bracket > which begins with the words: "img src"

I have never used a Mac, so I am officially 90% useless here. Sorry!

code being the name of the image? and then how do you end it? "/img sc"? I've seen "img" but not the scr part before.

Thanks again for being so helpful *hugs*
Just copy the brackets and everything in them and then paste them where you want the image to show up. The text might be slightly different on your Mac.

I wish I was more helpful. I hope you can get this all sorted out.

Thanks. I'm still not sure I understand but that's totally my fault, not yours, trust me. (I can read directions on how to do stuff, such as with computers, but once I get it, I get it. I was like that with beadwork and now cooking for a long time.)
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