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HERE on the ficamix community. Originally a site created by dragonyphoenix to keep Megan entertained during her illness with gifts from friends, it is now a place for all of us who knew and loved (and were sometimes were driven 'round the bend by) Megan to share our memories, our grief; further gifts of prose and art inspired by and dedicated to her.

Thank you so much to angelus2hot for the gorgeous memorial banner and velvetwhip for her stunning prose; and thanks again to dragonyphoenix for making this possible.. The memorial went up on Sunday but there is no "time limit" to it, no need to worry about being late to the wake; and no need to worry about eloquence or brilliance. Don't have art or a fic? Just want to say you miss her, or howl at the moon because you can't find the words? Or have a funny memory you want to share? Please come. The more we share our grief, the more we are able to give comfort to one another and feel a little less alone.

Reading other people's stories and memories gives each of us a fuller measure of what an incredible woman she was.

Banner by angelus2hot - click image to see original at ficamix Virtual Memorial for Megan.
- (Anonymous)
You had already provided an appropriate space for them to create the memorial, so don't sell yourself short, hon.
- (Anonymous)
EXACTLY - team effort, and every member is important.

(BTW - I loathe the saying "there's no i in team" - so dehumanzing. Every "i" is important to the team.)
I am so glad you pimped this because this should be a place where everyone who cared about Megan can come and find comfort and companionship.

And I'm so glad you and angelus2hot created it. We've all been grieving in separate spaces - I've been gratified by the sharing that's happened here on my journal and I know this has been happening elsewhere as well, but having a larger communal space is also important as we continue to process our grielf. ('cause it ain't " boom done over I'm fine now what's for supper? ")
Exactly, and I wanted there to be a space where everyone from all the segments of her life can meet and share their feelings and maybe learn even more about her in the process.

No, there's no "okay, I'm done" at all.

maybe learn even more about her in the process.

Which is exactly what's happened - starting with Lenore's comments. and spreading outward. Megan's reach and influence are astonishing.

there's no "okay, I'm done" at all.

Which is probably how it should be.
You're welcome - I just read and commented on your post there, thank you for sharing your lovely words.

This has been a hard year, hasn't it? This is just the rancid cream on the bitter cake (I'm not supposed to be Susy Sunshine yet, am I? Oh good.)

Once a day I find myself wishing I could show her something, wondering what she'd think of an icon I'm making and wanting to pick her brain for advice. Or just, I miss making her laugh because of something sarcastic and snarky I wrote. She and I had such a rocky beginning - an understatement - that when I discovered we could make each other laugh it was like seeing the sun again after a long, dark winter.
Well...um...I'm about to share something and please don't hate for me for it, okay?

Despite the loss of three good friends, I would say that this has actually been a great year for me.

Nick and I got married. We went a fantastic honeymoon. We bought a house and got settled inside it's walls. I finished my training hours, passed my State Statute exam, got my Professional Counseling License, and got two raises at work (one was a reclassification from trainee to Licensed Professional Counselor and the other was a Discretionary Merit Award for the work I've done with my clients.)

I don't want to discount the losses I've had, but for the most part, this year has been kind to me.

*hugs tight*
Oh my gosh how - why - would I hate you for sharing that, sweetheart?

I apologize for projecting my emotional state onto you

Thank you for sharing your year, that is wonderful news and it makes me smile, and I happily take all the smiles I can get right now. I'm happy when other people do well, particularly my friends. I WANT other people to do well, to do better than I am doing, particularly when I'm not doing great.

I admit this year is actually ending on a relatively high note for me - my sweetie and I are having a VERY rocky time right now but I have a job that lets me at least pay the rent, that I enjoy and I have my driving priviledges back. Not all doom and gloom by any means.

But I won't miss 2014 as the screen door hits it on the ass on the way out.

It's okay, hun. I'm sorry to hear that this year has been tough on you. I'm glad you're able to work and drive though!