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11/20/14 Pt 4 / ? The Biltmore Hotel, Providence RI

All images are also in my scrapbook album, or right click for full-size:


I had two specific avatars for this last "photoshoot" in Providence - two of the dearest people in the world to me, as it happens, and two incredibly talented  and compassionate human beings.  The incredible velvetwhip, of course, who has encouraged me to show off my photos and so I wondered "what would Gabrielle like to see?" every time I raised my camera.  "How can I convey my love for this city in images, rather than words?"  In the process of trying to describe what I love, I fell in love with Providence all over again.

My other avatar was my dear friend Kendra L. Saunders, also incredible as a person and a writer (full disclosure: I was a beta for her novel Inanimate Objects and her current work in progress is the most sophisticated thing she's ever written. Gabrielle and Kendra have very different styles as authors but both are skilled at blending humor and darkness, capturing eroticism and undercurrents of danger with surprising warmth and compassion for their motley array of characters. I have excellent taste in literature - and in friends, don't you agree?)

Kendra asked me to stop at the Biltmore Hotel when I went to Providence because she had happy memories of her stay there on her first trip to the city last year, abd she thought I'd appreciate it's art deco lobby, originally built in 1922 and renovated in 1979. I went one better and took a few snaps for her enjoyment, and yours.


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There are cases in the lobby filled with historic postcards of the hotel, but I couldn't resist making one of my own from the photo below.  I lightened and cropped the original in ipiccy, then applied Photobucket's desaturated filters and the postcard frame.


The glass elevator was locked, durn it.  And I couldn't figure out how to get to that upper courtyard "balcony" to see the painting at upper left, or get a closer view of the ceiling.

Very art deco - or rather, American deco eclectic; a combination of real F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Baz Luhrmann pastiche version; but in person it's very elegant nonetheless, but also surprisingly comfortable and I dare say private in feel. And no one tried to stop the crazy lady me running around the lobby with a camera.


Detail of ceiling taken from a distance, the best I could get with my Nikkon. I had to lighten the image considerably; as dimly lit as the lobby was I'm pleased I got anything at all. And I brightened and warmed the color a bit to emphasize detail.

Wow, the hotel is beautiful and you have a fantastic eye for photos.
Thank you sweetheart, I'm glad you like these! It's an eye I've been developing (no pun intended) for a long time and am only finally putting to good use for my own art instead of someone else's.

And there is so much to see in Providence! I discovered a lot on this trip I'd never seen before and went to parts of town I'd never been - like this hotel.

My friend Kendra said she's stay at the hotel again and I can see why. It's far more intimate. elegant and historic than the newer and very pretty but relatively characterless Omni just up the street, in the midst of the convention center traffic. This one is slightly old-world in it's intimacy, overlooking the part downtown.

I would have loved to have gotten really close to that ceiling and even touched it for myself. It's mos likely painted plaster? But it looks like bronze in that light.
THANK YOU for sharing this beauty and for taking these pictures! I love that postcard you created! You truly captured the elegance of this place. I feel as though I've been there.

Also, I love the perspective in that first photo! Yowza!

You truly captured the elegance of this place. I feel as though I've been there.

*faints with joy* Thank you, that's exactly what I hoped to accomplish! (My friend Kendra has already seen these btw and was also very appreciative. I get so much from my dear friends, so here's one small way I can give back.

I love the perspective in that first photo! Yowza!

this pleases me greatly. :D I was going to put the postcard one first but I figured - rightly - that the angles of other were more dynamic. My sweetie asked me if I'd made a mistake and was I going to straighten it.
You have continued to inspire me

I really must dig my camera to do some "proper" photography .... thanks for those views, and inspiration!
You have continued to inspire me

I'm very glad of that! I've truly enjoyed your photographs and would really love to see more - they're closest I'm likely to come to visiting England, and you have a wonderful eye for vistas especially, for the "long shot". I wonder if this is related to the fact that I admire your icons that show "long shots" and wide views with great clarity?
Thank you sweetie!

It was well worth the trip - and I'm glad my friend recommended it, in the 10+ years I've lived in this area I'd never thought to visit it before. But that's one of the things I love about Providence, RI : surprises at every turn, and every type of architecture from pre-colonial to post-modern.
Thank you! PVD has wonderful architecture of every period from pre-colonial to post-modern in a relatively small space, snugged up cheek to jowel.