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In which I discover that my fic won an award -and I am still reeling with delight

So the winners of the 27th Round of the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards have been announced (check out the full list here) and my first ever Buffy fanfic "Untitled (post-The Gift)" is Runner-Up for "Best Angst - Gen"!  


[There will be gushing...]It took me a moment or two before my brain registered that - in a fandom full of talented and passionate writers, some of whom have been active in fandom since the "back in the day", my little scribble got the silver medal, never mind being nominated in the first place. This is the first award I've won for my writing since senior year of high school, for my poetry.  And from a jury of my peers - which doesn't even seem the right term because, again - newbie to the fandom here.

THANK YOU to everyone who nominated me to begin with and voted for me.  Speechlessness is not my usual M.O. so - just thank you. (And special thanks to fellow winners velvetwhip n baphrosia ho were the first to give me the heads-up and congratulations.)  

Right now my brain, being My Brain, is split between my inner Sally Fields (or maybe my inner Willow? "That was nifty!"), bouncing in my chair like a teenager in the front row of the Beatles' first concert in the US, whilst trying to affect my inner Daniel Osborne: "Huh.  Cool."  

Oh, screw the cool affectation for a moment: This IS nifty!

Congratulation to all the winners, some of whom are already on my flist and include some of my favorite writers, including the aforementione velvetwhip n baphrosia  beer_good_foamy snowpuppies  rebcake, and the list goes on. 

Thank you, dear! And look who's talking about "Well-Deserved"! I hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings to say that your "Best Author" award made me smile. (It doesn't hurt a bit that your story was one-half the inspiration for mine; but regardless of that you more than deserve it.)

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Thank you so much! Congratulations for your win!

I am still trying btw to read yours - I've started it and my computer STILL freezes up! (Maybe I'll try doing a simple cut and paste into a Pages document next time?)

It occurs to me that I was getting "burned out on Spuffy" fics for a while but now I've got no excuses with your Willow and ___ pairings. I NEED to read the Willow/Riley fic - think about what might have happened on the show. Willow and Riley get together because they had much more chemistry; Buffy and Spike get to shagging sooner; Riley is Willow's lover when he is killed and she goes off the deep end because Joss had originally planned for that to happen in S4 - and then later she hooks up with Tara, who she meets in a coven whilst trying to heal and Tara doesn't have to die - and we don't have to endure the horrors of....AYW. So much to the good.
I like your ideas very much!

Why this did not occur to me before, I have no idea, but here's the address of my website:


Perhaps that way your computer will not be frozen by my stories!

Congratulations again on your very well-deserved win!

Hmm, if I ever get ambitious enough to do a S4 rewrite...which I highly doubt. I'm in awe of writers who can do long-form, multi-chapter novels or epics (like rahirah's Barbverse or BMB's Rulesverse), but I do better with short format writing. I've written for the FB page of my local food co-op where I volunteer, as well as the co-op's recipe blog, and I'm better at the FB - it's like being an "assassin", swoop, write, get the heck out of there. No time to overthink, no mulling and multiple drafts.

Maybe I'll suggest it as a challenge in an upcoming post?

but here's the address of my website:

PERFECT! I've already bookmarked it - that is exactly what I needed. THANK YOU.
That sounds excellent!

I've written quite a few epics myself. They're so different from writing one-shots. It's amazing how different.

I don't care what you write fic-wise as long as you write more! You are too talented not to give us all another taste!

It's constantly on my mind, but I just haven't had the time to get to it! I'm hoping I can do something at Christmas just to get it over with.
Thank you! *bows* But no applause needed, folks - just send your check or money orders.... ;)

I AM going to get a swelled head from all of this, but I can't pretend I don't love it.
Danke! Oh I may at some point put those little Willow drabbles to paper that are swirling in my head. (If I can grab ahold of them.)