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VOTE NOW at SUNNYD - and Round 2 tiebreakers for 20in20

Deaadline for the Sunnydale Fanfiction memorial awards Round 30 is SUNDAY NOV 30.  The nominees slate is here; voting form here.

btvsats20in20 has a part 2 tie breaker post for round 5; only two to vote for this time, tempertemper and pickamix.

I'd say something eloquent or clever but it's 2 in the morning, folks, and I just spent one final hour pouring over my choices at SunnyD. So get over there and vote if you haven't already, 'kay?That is all.
Thanks for the heads up about the tiebreaker. I voted. And thanks heaps for the pimpage of Sunny D!

You're very welcome - and it's the least I can do to promote fandom creativity in every area! Especially when I've received such support in my art. :)