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Still voting at the SunnyD Memorial Awards

Apparently the deadline has been extended to vote at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards to this Friday the 14th - and normally I have no qualms about self-promotion (Qualms?WhatQualms?) but this time I actually feel a little hesitant to pimp my own nomination, Untitled (post-The Gift)  (there, I did it and nobody died!) because really I'm just happy to be nominated!  

In all serious, thank you to the kind reader(s) who nominated me.  I'm still sort of astonished that I still like it on re-read, and pleased others have as well.

I already went to vote and was embarrassed to realize that I was not familiar with quite a lot of the stories and authors.  To the point that I couldn't vote in several catagories.  Somehow I thought I'd done better in familiarizing myself with the nominees, but apparently not.  At least there's still a few days left.

ETA: I just checked Untitled (post-The Gift) and the formatting looks like crap on a cracker.  Again.  And I have no idea why.  (And I have no idea why it eliminates the paragraph separations in the fic and not in any other post I've put up.) *sigh* 

Thanks for spreading the word! (And there's nothing wrong with mentioning your own nomination.) I wish you luck!

Thank you! I just replied to your other comment btw - but thank you again to the link to your archive/website. That is exactly what I needed.

BTW - which AtS ep is that icon of Angel dancing from?
Thanks! I keep telling myself that someday I'll watch AtS - and I will. I just don't want to get into Queen C as a cool character (I didn't care for her on btvs but I can TOTALLY get into shipping her with Angel) only to watch her get fridged. My brain can't handle it right now. *sigh* Besides, I've got all these Buffy metas I need to get out of my notebooks and onto my LJ.
I'm not actually an AtS fan (though one of my epics takes place in the AtS 'verse), and as for shipping Angel and Cordelia... that and Angel/Faith are the two ships I won't read, but I don't have anything against people who DO ship either of those pairings and I certainly think you should see AtS for yourself and decide if you like it.

Angel/Faith leaves me cold - but beer_good_foamy has written one of my all-time favorite Willow/Faith fics. Circa S7, involves shopping for supplies, leather, and ice cream.
I think I've read that one. In fact, I am pretty certain of it. She's a damn fine writer.

I assumed BGF was a "he" - but I need to double-check that. (Usually I assume "she" when it comes to fans). And yes, they are a terrific writer - one of the best in terms of wicked satire and meta-fic especially.
I am pretty sure you're right and that BGF is a he. "She" is my fanfic writer default pronoun. *is so ashamed*

*offers hugs and cookies*. That's actually I good thing? Most of Western culture uses He as the default. I only assumed "he" with BGF because he used an image of a man in his icon. (Local_max uses an icon of Giles, but I know his gender from PM's we've exchanged; lots of female fans use icons of Giles.) Except in certain cases with a beloved character (GIles, Spike - lots of Spuffies of course) most female fans that I've seen tend to use "female" icons more so than the opposite? At The Film Experience blog and other film blogs I used to frequent, the male readers (mostly but not always gay) used icons of female actors, but the opposite seems to be less frequent in general just from my non-scientific observations.

On the other hand, I assumed norwie2010 was female, mostly because of his (as it turned out) feminism. (And yes, he uses an icon of Buffy from Anne as you know.)

Did you see the cover of Time magazine from a couple of years ago that featured Oprah Winfrey on the cover, for an article about Women CEO's and powerful women, and then listed her as "ChairMAN of Harpo Productions"? URGH.

I try mostly to go with "they/their" as the generic singular pronoun in writing and speech whenever I am not sure (despite my internal assumptions), because of Kate Millet and Casey Swift's classic "The Handbook of Non-Sexist Writing". The author of the "What Color is Your Parachute? books also uses their guidelines; the New York Times doesn't and I wish they would.
And now the voting is over and you've made it onto the Winner's List! Congrats!
And congratulations to you, Miss Multiple-Award Winner, including Best New Author! All well-deserved but BNA? That's major recognition. I hope you're patting yourself on the back right now.