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11/20/2014 Pt 1 / ? - Skyscapes

new london freeway bridge sunrise signed1

I shot these with my Nikon digital through the car window the morning of November 20th, northbound on the way to Providence Rhode Island. Many thanks to velvetwhip for providing motivation both to take the photos and post them here.  I've created a scrapbook album with my photos from that day, which is a work in progress that I'm still adding photos to and will let you know as updates are posted. Enjoy

nl train station 11 20 2014 warm1

ETA 11/27/14: Yesterday I posted the images in such a way that they did not enlarge properly. That has been fixed. Click and enlarge to your heart's content.

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Click all to enlarge:

Driving towards the sunrise on eastbound I-95 from Connecticut to Rhode Island.

new london bank street sunrise 11 20 2014 signed
Intersection of Bank and State Streets, New London CT



new london freeway sunrise 1.5signed

Oh my god! These are spectacular! The colours in the first two remind me of Maxfield Parrish. You really have an eye, my friend, oh yes you do! I am so glad you took these!

Thank you so much Gabrielle - I thought you'd enjoy these but wow, what a compliment! (I love Parrish's skies!)

And the best part is I only made very slight adjustments to the images in terms of saturation etc - One of the best things about New England is gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, and superb glowing light. And those clouds, holy moly! I was so glad I brought that camera along.

Happy Thanksgiving - or whatever the heck you celebrate or don't - btw. (We don't on our end.)

Wow, skies! Beautiful pictures. I also particularly love the subtlety of your signature. Nice touch.
Thanks hon! I had a lot of fun decided where to put the signatures in each one.

FYI - I didn't have the sizing correct yesterday, I've fixed it so they actually enlarge when you click on them (they're fairly large in full size.)

I fixed them just now so they enlarge properly when you click them. The clouds really were just stunning; that's one of the best things about New England.
I love the sky shots!

Oh good, more motivation to do what I already love doing! :D Thank you very much for your feedback, Barb - and I've corrected the images so they actually do enlarge when you click them.