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WHAT IT SAYS ON THE CEREAL BOX TOP. *points to title* Polls will be open 24 hours or until all ties are broken.  We're voting on favorite icons within individual artist's sets that ended up in tie votes the first time around. There are eight artists  all of whom are not me: teragramm, tempertemper, sweet_lyri; killing_kurare, pickamix, debris4spike, kwritten, and halliwell.  Make sure you vote in all eight polls individually.

(See, I can be brief, concise and to-the-point sometimes!  You're welcome.)

According to the rules in the post you actually are allowed to vote for your own set. (which is the complete opposite of the usual way of doing things of course.)
Ah really? must of not read that part in the rules. I am use to not being able to vote on my own.
I am use to not being able to vote on my own.

Me too - I got totally confused when it came to the main voting and had to override my own vote.

And then when I could, (within my own set) it was a lot less fun than I'd thought it was going to be.

I think it also felt weird not to be competing with one another's icons except as sets, I'm not used to that either.