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Part 3 of 3 of my alts/extras for btvsats20in20 Round 5 (souper-dooper pimpage at no extra charge)

kikimay paid me a great honor by chosing my Surprise/Listening to Fear blend icon (#19 in my last post) from my last set of alts as her new default icon. This is the second time she's snagged one of my "rejected" alts, so hello to the motivation to continue sharing.

These are the S6-7 alts for Round 5 of btvsats20in20, with the exception of #1 (Tara from S5). BTW, the voting topped out at 24 participants - almost made it to my prophesied 25! The current voting polls are closed to new votes but starry_night will be posting tiebreaker voting shortly for individual icons with sets.

FYI: bangel_4e just posted the sign-up post for Round 6 and I'm already nervous and excited about it.  M'lady snogged requested that I chose Season1 btvs as my claim and how could I refuse her?


[Gallery exhibit and thinky thoughts inside the foyer....]


Table generated using angelamaria's Icon Table Generator.
Icons by their own makers.

You know the drill right? Want, take, have, but give proper credit and feedback is always a lovely thing. Don't steal, hotlink or archive on other sites without my express consent beforehand, lest I set the Hounds of Hell upon you - and a hideous plague of boils. IF I'm in a really charitable mood.

#1 - alt of my #19 entry; one of the few times this round I went for the more complicated gussied-up version for my entry over the simpler one which shows off Amber's beauty to better effect and with less distraction. Explain to me what I was thinking when I made that decision, please?

#2-5 - the first icons I made for this round, when my primary ideas were: 1) OMWF, 2) "Dance Without Sleeping" by Melissa Etheridge - #3 was the only icon I kept that uses lyrics from that song; and 3) Buffy hairporn.  2-3 here are among my favorite things I made this round. These icons definitely helped me settle on the idea of a muted rainbow. I never got #5 to my liking - her hair looks fantastic whipping around in the cap but I couldn't quite capture the effect in the icon to my satisfaction. But hey, shiny!

#6-11 came from a screencap of a Dead Things outtake I found on smg-france.net thanks to starry_night's rec.  (I don't recall ever seeing photos of this outtake before much less a clip online. Anyone?)  Sarah runs through a gamut of facial expressions in what can't be more than seconds, but that particular image just struck me as so pretty I had to make a go of it. I feel pretty comfortable calling these "Not Too Damn Shabby Considering the Source Material"; it's somewhat ironic that the thing missing in these icons is the definition of her nose, which is so distinct in the other icons. Without that, these could be of almost any generically pretty girl.  #11 was going to be an entry up until the last minute when I had the usual crisis of confidence re: lack of intergration of texture and image.

#12-18 I worked on these icons from the balcony scene in Dead Things right after the OMWF icons; I was originally going to stick to muted effects, and use the colors in the cap itself for my yellow icon, but it's obvious that this is where I went "astray". 12 was very nearly my "indigo" entry for the longest time.  I used my Goffe Street auditorium photos for the textures in 13, and a blown-up detail from one of my sweetheart's semi-abstract equine paintings for #14 for the scarred and "painted" effect on Buffy's face.  But my favorites in this set are again the simplest, 15 & 16.

I had fun at least, but I'm a little uncomfortable, in hindsight, with the fact that I was focused on the image itself, on Sarah's face (and her earring) as an objet d'art that I wanted to experiment with and make "pretty" ; and that I completely ignored or just plain forgot the actual context of this moment (which isn't pretty or pleasant at all). And isn't that, in essence, the definition of "pornography" - not in terms of fun, consentual adult "erotica" but in terms of "dehumanization"?


I've been known to do that a time or ten.

#19-21 From Lessons; these were among the only alts I made that were never contenders as final entries.  21 was a lot funnier in my head than in actual execution; too bad because this round is the first btvsats20in20 set I submitted with no humorous icons. I think I felt the absence more keenly than the lack of greenery.  #19 was an accident: I added a dark blue background to the original cap then meant to erase a portion of it but my hand (or the mouse) slipped and I ended up with this pattern in the background; if I had tried to draw that on purpose I would have made a complete hash of it. I added some light leak filters and voila! Accidental-on purpose background effects. Interesting as opposed to good.

Nothing to say about 22 except I can see the influence of tempertemper's recent Darla and W/T icons in the coloring (or lack therof). 23 is my #7 entry without text.  I really like the way this turned out although it's not a dynamic image per se; but I love the way her body emerges from (melts into?) the shadows.  This icon, and #2 & 7 of my entry set were actually cropped from a finished banner; I couldn't have achieved that exact look overwise.

These are also stunning, my friend! My favorites are 5, 12, 13, 14, 20, 22, and 23. I love what you've done here!

Thank you sweetheart!

12-14 & 23 are among my favorites too - 12 & 13 were almost in my final entry set, and 14 has really grown on me since I made it. I'm working on a post right now with the banners that I cropped #23 from.

And I'm going over the photos I took in Providence, Rhode Island the other day and they came out really well as a whole! Even my sweetie was impressed. I think you'll enjoy seeing them when I get them posted - I thought of you when I was taking them and I tried to capture what I love about that city.
What an happy accident! ;)

You like 19? Coolness! :)

the light leak filter effect that makes it look like the placket (band) on Buffy's blouse is part of the background lines. Happy sort-of accident #2 and probably why I didn't delete this one.
/the light leak filter effect that makes it look like the placket (band) on Buffy's blouse is part of the background lines./ - Oh, that's right, I didn't notice. So cool! ;)
The fact that you DIDN'T notice it makes me ridiculously happy - that it's not standing out as a glaring error. :D
I am actually thinking of doing season 2 Buffy, or season 2 vampires ... haven't decided.

One of my troubles is my resource site that I used has gone, so I can only find season 1 & 2 ... annoying, but still plenty of material (where do you find yours?)
One of my troubles is my resource site that I used has gone, so I can only find season 1 & 2 ... annoying, but still plenty of material (where do you find yours?)

Leave Me the White - best overall screen cap quality but very incomplete: No season 1 or 3 (the person is obviously a Spike/Spuffy fan)

Screencap Paradise/Pretty as a Picture has the complete seven seasons capped:

starry_night rec'd her go-to site, smb-france.net and I used it a lot for this round, has a mix of screen caps and promo photos, mostly very good quality

The Chosen Two Gallery is entirely for promo photos not screen caps, very high quality

Buffy Summers gallery page at the Buffy and Angel wiki site has promo photos, stills, screen caps:

I have some high-quality caps from the now defunct Broken Screencaps in my pb album (and I've had saved more if I'd know the site was going to be yanked). If you're looking for a particular image let me know I may be able to help.

I hope this helps!
Thank you, thank you

I used to use BuffyWorld, but that died. Someone gave me a link, and it only had seasons 1 & 2 ... now I have plenty of choice.

You are the bestest!

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But of course, dearest - nothing but the best for you. ;)

Which is to say, you are very welcome! I'm always on the lookout for new sources.

I tried looking for a good source for Amber Benson caps and promos and haven't found anything better than what I linked and some photos I've found here and there on the net via random google searches.

A lot of people use Bloodqueen but I haven't been wow'd, and Lady Manson was my go-to site for gorgeous Moulin Rouge blu-ray caps years ago, but the buffy caps there are the wrong aspect ratio entirely.

I noticed that the buffyworld caps came down recently, but I didn't use it very much anyway. It was just nice to have.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Pretties! I especially like 15, 19, 16, 1, 12 is such a peculiar icon, I generally dislike black and white in icons, but it gives it a pleasant effect and I have to say that even the icons 6 to 10 are kinda erotic, maybe because we don't see Buffy's shirt it kinda feels like she's naked in 6. It's a very sexy set.
Thank you! All the ones you named except 19 are among my favorites.

12 is such a peculiar icon, I generally dislike black and white in icons, but it gives it a pleasant effect

#12 was going to be my "indigo" entry - I think you're the second person to see it as "black and white" - it's actually sort of sepia and indigo on my screen but "black and white" really isn't wrong either.

it kinda feels like she's naked in 6. It's a very sexy set.

THANK YOU! I think so too - or that was exactly my feeling when I first saw the cap (in the shots where you can just see the top of her green shirt the effect is spoiled.) I'm glad that came across here.

This is another great set by you, sweetie. Love #4, #5, #6, #10, #12, #20, and #23.

Also, I love that you accepted my S1 challenge. Can't wait to see what you come up with!
I love that you accepted my S1 challenge. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Neither can I, thank you for setting the challenge. (oh wait - I should have been all Barney Stinson here. Damn, missed the moment!)

Your challenge got me thinking about the fact that the round I did best in, Round 2 - Vamp Willow - was the one round I was focused on a single character who only appears in two episodes; I HAD to limit myself. So I might end up focusing on one or two episodes this time - Nightmares has great imagery. I know I want to focus on Willow (and Buffy?) - I love the characters and love working with their faces.

Love #4, #5, #6, #10, #12, #20, and #23.

Thank you! I'm really pleased that this time around nearly every one of the icons I've made has at least one fan; I know I really enjoyed making all of them.
I think that's a great idea.
"Nightmares" has lots of good options for icons!
Indeed it does!

At the beginning of the year before I used ipiccy I tried making some Willow Nightmares and Restless icons (the "theater" scenes) because of their great visuals, (and the yummy meta-ish-ness) but the results were fairly poor then. I could come up with something much better this time.