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Pimp Like the Wind, Part 2: Vote in Round 5 of btvsats20in20

The voting posts are up NOW for Round 5 of btvsats20in20 and this round things are a bit different. This round the voting is broken down into four posts. The first three parts are broken down by groups of entrants, chronologically, and we vote on the top 3 icons for each individiual artist within their own sets (not competing against each other).  The artists can vote for their favorites/best 3 of their own sets.

Part 1         Part 2         Part 3

Part 4 is where we vote for our top 5 sets out of the total 11 that were submitted; this time the artists cannot vote for their own sets.
(Which seems really really obvious when I give it about half a second's thought but was not quite so obvious at 1am in the morning after spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to decide on my "three best"; or at 8am this morning before I'd had two decent cups of black tea.  Oops.)

Thank you to everyone who stopped in and gave me really wonderful feedback on my set. Nearly every one of my icons has been named by at least one person as a favorite. This makes me ridiculously happy because I like to think it's a sign that my consistency and quality are improving overall.  But I don't know that other artists have gotten the amount of feedback I have (because my friends are the creme de la creme of awesome-sauce) so by all means vote in parts 1-4 and show your love and appreciation for individual icons.

[More thinky thoughts a-coming your way....]

I actually felt weird voting for three of my own set - it sounded more fun than it was in practice because I'm pretty happy with most of them. So 1 & 10 got my votes because, duh, but the third one took forever to decided. (And I actually don't remember what my third choice was. I could have picked any and been pretty happy.)

And trying to winnow down to my top 5 sets in Part 4 this time around was a freakin' nightmare - and I mean as in Buffy trying to take a test and staring at a blank page in Nightmares nightmare. Or was that just me?


It's really nifty to see that there are at least fifteen people have voted thus far, which is already more than the number of artists who participated, so yay and thank you to everyone who has already cast their votes, and everyone who has pimped this round! And since I think it's not unreasonable to see at least, oh, I don't know, 25 participants including artists - baby steps, y'all, baby steps - here I am, doing my part to rock the vote.

Honestly I see no reason why there couldn't be 100 voters, especially when I read down the long and delightlfully exhausting list of nominees at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction awards, but I get that 1) LJ is somewhat of a niche and 2) I think visual artists are more likely to feel comfortable voting in fiction awards than the other way around on the balance. The whole "art is mysterious and I don't know anything about art because my mom/dad/Uncle Charles/ 3rd grade teacher etc etc said so" headtrip. Which visual artists have to take responsibility for perpetuating over the centuries to make what we do more "legitimate" to the Christian Church or modern capitalist Western society.  (Represented by our friends and family who ask "When are you going to get a  real job?")

If such voices still haunt you - tell them to STFU in a firm, clear voice, as often as necessary. Or, send them my way and I'll be glad to do it for you. But it's so much more empowering when you tell them off yourself, trust.

I voted and was tickled plaid to do so. Wow did you make amazing icons and it was so hard for me to choose!

thank you for voting - and for the compliments, hon! *blushes*

It was so hard to choose from everyone's sets - I always want to choose one more than I'm allowed.
Thanks for pimping the 20in20. I'm excited to be a participant this time! But also nervous. There is an awful lot of talent, you know?
Oh indeed but there has been every round - its interesting to see the aesthetic of each round shift somewhat as the participants change. (or maybe that's only interesting to me?)

I think what has changed for me over five rounds is that I'm far less intimidated than when I beganwas achieved.
Like you I find it fascinating seeing how different people see different things in the same image. It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I love how you are great at doing these posts ... it makes me remember how much I owe to friends for their support of me, and by looking at their work I am challenged to try to improve (although sometimes it makes me feel like giving up!!)

Yes truly weird to vote for myself ... I wonder if we ended up picking the same 3 as we used for our teasers!
thank you, I'm glad you enjoy my posts! I know I'm always "forgetting" to credit my influences, or at least that feels that way to me, that I don't give enough credit to others. But everything I see pushes me a little further along and of course the encouragement I've recieved here has been magnificent and tremendous.

by looking at their work I am challenged to try to improve (although sometimes it makes me feel like giving up!!)

TELL ME ABOUT IT, SISTER. *lol* After last round I was ready to throw in the towel altogether - and just stubborn enough not to. (I daresay if I were employed full time I wouldn't be able to participate as much.)

I think I really do get a lot more pleasure from making larger works (posters/banners) but then I'm not making those to be compete so they can come from a place of sheer pleasure.

I wonder if we ended up picking the same 3 as we used for our teasers!

In my case, not at all! My teasers were 4, (Willow/VampWillow), 16 (Buffy in Amends) and 19 (S5 Tara); my top three I voted for were #1, 6, and 10. But in this instance I wasn't so much trying to show my three favorites with the teasers as with past rounds, as show that I covered a range of characters in my set. (And also covering a goodly range of the rainbow with those three)

And i'm not sure that the three I voted for eventually are the same ones I'd vote for if I could vote again.

The one that surprises me most is that a lot of people liked #14; I like the color and light and worked really hard on that one, but the composition still bothers me.
See you win over me as I just can't get to grips with large images.

Had to go and re-look at 14 ... I would imagine it was one I voted for ... although I don't know why I like it, there is just something that to me speaks of moments of peace with her lonely calling.
Well we all have things we're good at or not. I know someone here in fandom who says she "can't" do icons or still images but she's made three fanvideos, which is tremendously difficult to do.

Or maybe it's a matter of what we enjoy most? What is it about large images that gives you difficulty, if anything particular? I've learned a lot from a few people in this fandom who are excellent teachers.

there is just something that to me speaks of moments of peace with her lonely calling.

Thank you - I think? We are talking about the Dead Things icon, Buffy on the balcony, aren't we, when she's at one of her lowest points in the season much less the series?