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PIMP LIKE THE WIND, SHE SAID Buffyverse Pub, Secret Slaying, SunnyD Memorial awards and more!

Title courtesy of the lovely and witty pickamix who asked me to do just that for two new comms: 

                      b_verse_pub|Profile|b_verse_pub|Profile|b_verse_pub                                               secret_slaying

[Here be pimpage, no dragons....]

b_verse_pub, "an oddly polite Buffyverse hangout"for polite and friendly discussion of the Buffyverse (no flames, no rudeness, and no trolls, open to all (and check out the amazing pub graphics)

and secret_slaying, an anonymous BtVS/AtS TW challenge/awards comm that accepts work in all media (text, images, videos) made specifically for the challenge. Round 1 prompts are up and due December 15. Guidelines and prompts here, detailed rules are here ; incredible graphics also by pickamix and shaketheangel. (LOVE the banner that looks like a cork push-pin board.) Like icontests such asotherworldlyric, the entries will be voted on anonymously, unlike any contest I've seen so far, (fr'instance the SunnyD Memorial Fanfiction awards, etc) works in all media are accepted, so check it out!

And speaking of the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards and otherworldlyric.......  (How did you know I'd work them in somewhere?)

 * Voting open at Round 30 of Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards until NOVEMBER 30th; list of worthy nominees for your consideration here and the Rules here.  Full disclosure: I'm still combing through the awesome stories; it's a great opportunity as always to check out fics I might have missed otherwise. Or have been tripping over for months and never got around to reading and how the heck did that happen, I wonder to myself?

* Vote for your favorite 3 icons out of 11 fab entries at otherworldlyric Challenge 187, then get your entries ready for Challenge 188: The Love You Save May Be Your Own by Etta James (the Lioness!  A little bit of Etta makes everything betta.)

*  Vote now at slayerstillness Challenge 35 Least Favorite Eps challenge for 1st and 2nd place (no 3rd place this round) plus Best Crop, Colour and Most Creative.  I have a ton of admiration for fanartists who can take an episode (or character) they hate and not only spend quality time with it but turn it into gold, as the 11 entries this round are.

Then prep your entries for Challenge 36 "Ye Olde Vampyre Gang" dedicated to flashbacks of the Fanged Four pre-Sunnydale. starry_night helpfully provided a list of all btvs & ats episodes with fanged four flashbacks plus some sample caps to choose from. I'm expecting awesomeness to the nth degree.
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Don't forget about voting in the "Rainbow" round for btvsats20in20! :)

Nice job pimping, hunny!
That's actually a separate post I'm working on now because it's kind of complicated (or at least I messed up) and I didn't want to "pull focus" in this post.

Good luck btw - did you vote for three of your own? I found that THE HARDEST THING, like trying to take my SAT's in college. Maybe in some past rounds I would have had an easier time but not this round.
Oh good!

Yes. I did vote for my own. It was tough, but there were at least three that I was very happy with.
Goodness, sweetie, I should think you had more than three you're happy with!

Weirdly enough I don't care as much about that part of the voting but I got a lot of feedback here from everyone; I know 1 & 4 (the Willow icons) are well-loved but every single one of my entries was singled out as a favorite by at least one person. So I'm pretty happy with that.

But the comparative top 5 sets vote? I care about that a little too much, I'm afraid. I'm trying really hard to stop caring about that.
You are very welcome!

I thought about pimping certain favorites *cough*NiceJewishGirl*cough* but I didn't know the etiquette on that - it was easier when I knew fewer people in fandom. I'm terribly afraid of hurting other folks feelings by ommission.
AWWWW! You are so sweet! It makes me squee that you even wanted to pimp my story.

Are you kidding? I want to splash it far and wide!

It's got fantastic, finely honed & razor sharp characterizations and it constantly takes me by surprise - I never knew what was coming next. And oh goodness, the fanfic that can surprise me and doesn't fall into cliches or the usual tropes and explores new territory should be TREASURED and pointed out as an example of WHAT. TO. DO.