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A Stay of Execut - I mean, the DEADLINES have been extended! *ETA last-minute HIMYM snark*

* The deadline for Round 5 of btvsats20in20 has been extended until midnight, Tuesday, November 11 - THANK YOU starry_night! At the moment only two folks including myself have not submitted our sets - but this also means that anyone who wants to jump in at the last minute, there's still a chance!  I know there are folks who know how to use four days more wisely and productively than I know how to use an entire month. That's just plain truth.

* The deadline has also been extended for otherworldlyric Challenge 187 "We are Fine" (Sharon van Etten) to midnight. Friday Nov 14, thank you dragonydreams:   It's okay to feel / Everything is real / Nothing left to steal / Cause we're alright / We're alright

I'd say "I'm thinking late seasons btvs but that's my automatic default mode anyway; the challenge for me is getting myself to look elsewhere.

* dragonydreams and rua1412 have announced a brand new icontest comm: comicsontv_ic -  a new icon challenge community, for all your favorite live action comic book shows!  Check out the rules, the profile and have fun!  I don't read comics but for those who do, it's a fun idea and I look forward to seeing the entries. (And also, I just really wanted an excuse to use this nifty gif they made for the comm. COBIE SMULDER FTW!)

ETA: I have no idea how Ms Smulders actually reacted to the finale of HIMYM but in my mind, it looked something like this. Anyone else?
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You're welcome! And dragonydreams just explained to me what the comm is actually about so thank goodness I didn't go into details here. (I thought it was doing icons of shows that have become comics, not realizing it's about shows that originated from comics. Me + attention to detail = not mixy things.)

Good luck with the comm, it sounds like a fun idea - i bet there will be tons of Olicity icons. *lol*
Thanks sweetie!

I have some of Willow from PG/Becoming/Dopplegangland that I am especially pleased with, I hope you will be too.

ETA: I have no idea how Ms Smulders actually reacted to the finale of HIMYM but in my mind, it looked something like this.


But I had always envisioned or always hoped that they (Barney and Robin) would end up together when the series came to a wrap

just Robin, on a motorcycle, putting out a cigarette, gettin' on there - Barney on the back... just riding off into the sunset

cobie's final robin scene

neil and cobie's reaction to the finale (in faces)

link to that interview

one of my favorite tumblr quotes wrt the finale: There’s really no reason to accuse Barney of being a misogynist or a sociopath now that we know that all of this is being told from the perspective of the man who wanted the woman Barney ended up with (albeit briefly) and was telling the story to passively aggressively get his kids to consent to him pursuing her. Now the whole series plays as Ted trying to make Barney look like a sleaze to prove to his kids how poor aunt Robin didn’t belong with such a dirtbag—thank goodness she can end up in Daddy’s bed instead!


Robin wishes she loved Ted. I mean, that’s the safer bet. He’s safe and reliable, but she just doesn’t love him

-Cobie Smulders, seven months before the series finale.

(I have been purposefully avoiding your himym posts because I get really violently angry about this.)
ETA: eilowyn mentioned NPH's comments in his choose your own adventure biography and now i've seen the quote and I. JUST. CAN'T.


Yes I did and thank you! I can't see the video for Cobie's final robin scene because it says "private" but I can google it. I love Cobie's head canon so so much. PERFECTION IS PERFECT. (Barney on the back....) Now I can worship Cobie with confidence.

Interesting that's seven months before the finale and afterwards everyone is doing the polite thing in words (the other video) because honestly, they are paid to promote the show; that is usually part of the actor's contract.

Also it took me to gifs of the Robin/Loretta scene and I'm so grateful - and crying all over again: "My name's Mom. Don't you ever call me anything else. I'm Mom."

THAT SCENE GIVES ME ALL THE FEELS. THAT was the scene that put the nail in the coffin on the notion of even remotely shipping Robin/Ted. THAT scene solidified my Barney/Robin love (like how am I supposed to ship R/T after watching that scene?)

And the scene where she says she can't have kids and Barney just hugs her -UGH. Christ. He loves her for who she is. (The scene where Barney tells Loretta that kills me.) But Ted wants Robin as part of a package - and he'll "allow" himself to go back to her only after he gets what she can't provide from another woman who then dies because she was really just a womb after all?

I have a lot of words for this bs and none of them are safe for mixed company. NO NO NO NO

It's shit like this and the Buffy comics that make me wonder what the hell conservatives are talking about when they blather on about "liberal media", when Joss says he hates the word feminist and women of all ages blather on that "I don't need to call myself a feminist". (I've been listening to that shit for decades; it didn't make sense to me in college 20 years ago and still doesn't.) YES YOU DO DEAR. Because deep in their hearts some of the most powerful men in the media industry, who claim to be allies, still see us as cunts and wombs and "the angel of the household" existing only to mirror and reflect them as they want to be seen. FTN

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Get your icons done for 20in20, missy! I want to see them!
Yes ma'am! I want to show them off! Last round I really wanted to win something, this round I've given up on the idea. I don't care what happens. And the banners - I've made tons o' banners!

I'm doing a "post" to look at the icons lined up and realizing I should have done that weeks ago because only now am I seeing the gaps.I've made like 170 icons including color variants and I STILL have to make a couple of things?

And, should I do ten early seasons icons, and ten late seasons as two separate rainbows, or intermesh them? I'm truly awful at categorizing and culling. *le sigh*