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Yes I am procrastinating but it's for a good cause! (pt2) HAPPY BIRTHDAY EILOWYN!

I cannot believe it's been a year since I wished my dear friend eilowyn Happy Birthday(month) and here we are again!  Only a day late, I wanted to make her a little something in return for the wonderful fanmix, artwork, support and friendship she's given me - Happy Birthday Lexi, you are a dear, dear soul, an amazing scholar, a intelligent  and courageous woman and I am so proud of you on every level. Some Spuffy artwork for you my dear.

Click all images for full-size versions:


And a couple more variations:
[More after the cut:]


Enjoy your birthday/week/month darling!

So pretty! I love all the four variations. Maybe my favorite is the third, but I appreciate the others too in the same way. Awwww.
Thank you sweetie! I thought you'd go for the colors in 2 or 4 - but 1 & 3 are my favorites overall too. 3 is probably the most "autumnal" and elegant. I used some of my own landscape photos for the background layers in all of these but you can see it best in #3 I think.

What gorgeously gorgeous presents! She is sure to adore them!!!!

Thank you so much! These are gorgeous, and I know you spent A LOT of time on them, but I can't get mad at you because you're being productive in other parts of your life!
I'm very glad you like them sweetheart! I was worried they weren't - well you know me, insecure and paranoid.

I never did get the text to my satisfaction. That's definitely one thing I expect to get better results with in PSE because ipiccy's font and font effect choices are rather limited.