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My first attempt at HIMYM Robin/Barney icons

A prezzie for snogged, who mentioned on my journal the other day that Barney/Robin are her "BROtp", but also dedicated to bangel_4e, kikimay, beer_good_foamy, ever_neutral, ruuger, punch_kicker15, all the (pissed off) Barney/Robin shippers in the house, and pretty much anyone with half a brain or less because it only takes about 2 brain cells in total to understand that Ted/Robin as the endgame sucked rotten ostrich eggs and was a horrible idea 17 ways to Sunday.

BarneyRobinThebestmaniconbrotp2   BarneyRobinicon2TheBestMan     BarneyRobinThebestmanicon3brotopmuted   369da209-39c4-4fb1-a238-f2b20f08ad18_zpse15117fa 01-04

himym-robin-barney-engagedicon1   robin-barney-engagedicon2blueheart   robin-barney-engagedicon2 05-07
I never watched that show, but your icons are beautiful. I love your colour choices.

Ooh, love the colouring in these! And great cropping, especially the first row.
Thanks! The second row is more what I originally planned to do, something simple, so the ones in the first row really took me by surprise.
You are very welcome, sweetheart! I was going to post some Buffy artwork last night but I wanted you to enjoy these right away.
Love the coloring on these! Very nice! I think I like #4 best but they are all lovely!
Awww, pretty! They are so cute together. I especially like the 05 to 07 ones. *heart eyes*
You don't know how excited I am that you call them your brotrp. It was that way from season 1!

That reminds me, I need to watch "The Slutty Pumpkin" episode tonight!
I got the phrase from snogged in my last rant post convo thread, so I had to find a way to fit that on an icon. And that dance scene from the best man is my favorite Barney/Robin scene.
BLESS. And you icon-ed one of my faaaave scenes too. The 4th one in particular is just beauteous.
Blessing accepted! *lol*

I seriously adore that scene - it's only one of two scenes in that show that I had to watch again the next day (yay for Netflix). Because NPH and CS are smoking' hot together. Which makes me want to throttle the dumbs show runners all over again. I'm all for the right of the artist to tell the story they want to tell but I deeply loathe sadism and "baby kings" who take delight in giving their own audiences the middle finger.

Oops, I'm ranting again, sorry. stopping now.

The 4th one in particular is just beauteous.

Thank you! I really did not expect everyone to like that one so much.
Ooh! These are all beautiful, but I particularly the colors in #4 and #7. Also, BROtp made me grin--it's perfect for them.
The credit for BROtp goes entirely to m'lady snogged (or at least my having heard of it does)! And thank you for the compliments these were a lot of fun to work with!