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Round 4 banners for spikesredqueen

By request and congratulations again to spikesredqueen.  I'd never know she's rarely worked with images of Tara because she's done our Miss Maclay proud and then some.  So gorgeous, such a delight to spend time with (the lady and the icons.) Has Tara ever looked so pretty?



The first time I looked at that motion icon I just thought, "Pretty". Then I recognized the episode and that moment. I also thought, oddly enough, about The Gift and Willow's "blue sweater" that Joyce loved and she can't find; the connection had never occured to me before. I don't think it's accidental; that episode and the next draw on The Body as shorthand several times (Dawn finding Tara's body, the ambulance and bodybag.)

I could go on for many paragraphs about these icons but the work speaks for itself - so incredibly elegant. She has my permission to do more Tara icons any time the spirit moves her. :D

and oh thank you for the compliment to my banners!