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Your Monday (VERY Early) Dose of Fandom Positivity, Pimpage and Squee - PGoM style!

Any resemblance between this image and Edvard Munch's The Vampire is quite unintentional.
Just be grateful I didn't pull out any of my "Excedrin Headache" advert jokes. You're welcome.

[You were expecting a Hallmark card? Check out the recs and love inside...]

** Cast your votes in slayerstillness Challenge 33; the deadline is Tuesday and there are 27 great entries this round!  Then take some time to admire the wonderful winning entries and pretty banners by comlodge for Challenge 29, and by tempertemper for Challenge 32.
** Then cast your votes for your favorite/best icons in Round 4 of btvsats20in20 - and don't forget to vote in all of the categories: 10 Themes, Category (Shapes) and Artist's Choice.  Voting closes on Thursday, October 9th, so spread the word and let your f'listies know.

I've noticed that there are 21-23 "participants" (voters) listed and not to get persnickity on y'all, but - 23 votes? There's 12 artists, so if every one of the artists votes, plus at least a couple of their friends - that should still be a lot more voters. Now I know for a fact that at least a handful of my friends have voted because
my friends are awesome and I hang with the bestest people. However, my nearest and dearest can't be expected to pick up all the slack so go to, people, and make some fan artists happy. It's an easy thing to do.

And if anyone out there is still hesitant to vote because you "don't know art" - tell me the name and address of the person who instilled that abject nonsense into your heads and I will go after them with a shovel. Actually, I'll scold and shake my finger at them. But I promise I will be merciless.

Banners by dawnofme
** buffyversetop5 Halloween Classic Recs Edition is right around the corner already - how is that even possible? Four days for you to bring your all-time favorite recs of fics, vids, graphics, anything and everything fandom has produced in all the Whedon fandoms! All time periods before 2014 are eligible. Meaning, anything you didn't get to include in the January edition can be included here. I missed last year's classic edition (due to house fire and various other life things that took priority and can be forgiven) but the January edition was a great party, so I don't want to miss this round.

In addition to the banners by dawnofme, check out the snaggable icons by ruuger, kathyh, amavel_bel and eyesthatslay going all the way back to 2005 - the epitome of classic, classy and fun.
Just doing my job!

In case you didn't already see it - respectfully snagging your W/T first place winner. I was astonished to realize I don't have anything of yours in my icon gallery and that particular one is just beyond the beyond.

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Voted. (This voting thing is officially a drug, plus you get to discover lovely icons everytime which is great. Icons are pretty)

Love the banner! I love the coloring of it and the font you used. It feels so young, like a teenage scribbling in the diary.
This voting thing is officially a drug

It's hardcore, baby. That's the reason for the icon tests - would I work so hard to make these icons if the prospect of prizes didn't lay at the end? No. The silly thing is, do I need prizes? Not really.

Love the banner!

Thank you Kiki! Full disclosure: I had several alts to choose from but reworked this one just last night very consciously with you in mind for the colors.
Excellent pimp post!

I got my votes in at SlayerStillness. Good luck to you and all the other participants.
Thank you m'lady! (Is it that obvious I put stuff in ? *lol*)

Did you enter anything this round?

I'll be curious to see who the winners are, this is an interesting batch - a "quieter" subtle set overall, not much in the way of showy or flashy. Appropriate to the fall season? My first place vote was easy this time, everything else was up for grabs.
Whoa, nostalgia... Those old BuffyverseTop5 icons really take me back. I was a total newbie in Buffy fandom in those days (in fact, I'm not entirely sure if I'd even seen S7 at that point yet) and I remember I felt really honored when yourlibrarian asked me if I'd make some icons for the community.
i told yourlibrarian that yours and kathyh's icon's were probably my favorites of those sets - I'm in awe of the exceptional beauty and quality of them. (And they're nearly ten years old at this point?)

Now do explain to me again dear why you no longer make icons (or fan art in general?)

Thank you for peeking in and commenting!
The main reason why for the last five years I haven't been making so much graphics is because I bought an apartment where my desktop was in the different room from the television and I couldn't use Paint Shop Pro on my netbook :) It could may now, though, since I've bought a proper laptop.

And I actually have been making graphics, but mainly just on request for big bangs and 'personal commissions'. It's been mostly The Mentalist artwork, though, since it just feels like no-one cares about Buffyverse fanworks anymore - or at least my fanworks. I've gotten exactly three comments to my Buffyfic this year (last year one of my BtVS fics didn't get a single comment), and the last time I did an icon/graphics request post, no-one requested BtVS graphics, which surprised me because before most of the requests have been Jossverse stuff.
I love the normal again banner. What program did you use?

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Thank you sweetie! I have a couple of others with different crops and colors of the same cap I might still post.

And it's all ipiccy, except the initial crop and then final adjustments (incl signature) were done in Photobucket. I was trying to reproduce the effect of a PB filter but with better picture quality (aka disguise the pixelation). It's not exactly the same but I like the colors and light.

The "normal again" text is "sketch block" font in ipiccy. As you know, I can't keep track of exactly what I did with an image in ipiccy unless I write everything down (which I don't) so I'm not sure what setting I used for the word "again" for that coloring.

(I love talking art, now that I can understand at least 50% of the conversation. :)
the reason I asked is because it look like the exclusion setting in PS and I thought you had taken the plunge.

(I love talking art, now that I can understand at least 50% of the conversation. :) 50% isn't too shabby and I bet that in 6 months you will be up to at least 75% ~_^