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Deadline extended to Monday for btvsats20in20 (whew!) AND LOOK WHAT SPIKESREDQUEEN MADE ME!

ETA: I'd just hit the post button on this when I roamed around and found this SUPER wallpaper "I Feel Lost" (Buffy, Normal Again) by spikesredqueen dedicated to me!  We'd had some conversations about the ep because that's my claim for this round ofbtvsats20in20, and how marvelous Sarah is in it, and this wallpaper captures that marvelously. The warm rose tones and softness on the right side create a feeling of comfort purposefully undermined by the cool and almost sickly blues and purples, and the deep shadows that envelope asylum!Buffy, very different to the harsh white light of the clinic in the episode. I particularly love that small section of trees and lightening emerging from the shadows, because it connects nicely to an image that's been on my mind a lot, Buffy - and Willow, and Tara, and all the girls in the Buffyverse - as the "little girl, lost in the woods" from my favorite song by the band Morphine. (Marie and I hadn't discussed that, so it's a lovely bit of serendipity.)

I'm really just ever so honored by this gift, thank you Marie! You do Buffy right! (I got a prezzie from spikesredqueen! *flails*) She's been missed the last few months due to real life obligations but she's really hit the ground running on her re-entry to fandom.  Go check it out, and check out her other recent artworks while you're at her journal - so many pretties to admire.

bangel_4e very graciously extended the deadline for Round 4 of btvsats20in20 to Monday Sept 29 midnight at your timezone. Because I begged, of course - but this time, I begged three days in advance instead of at the very very last hour. Yay progress!

This also means that the deadline for sign-ups is also extended to that time. So if you are on a meth/magic high with energy to so much energy to burn someone needs to peel you off the ceiling effficent, well-organized, and have some time to spare this weekend, you can still check out the themes and join the fun. Don't forget to check out the great entries that have been posted so far this round, including the latest sets from debris4spike, spikesredqueen and rua1412.


Terror-time confession (I'll always give you one of those. Don't you feel better knowing you're not alone in your anxieties? I know I do.) I'm worried that I won't get this done on time. AGAIN. I'm not worried about the quality of my entries; if anything I'm really pleased with what I've made because I can see that I'm getting better each time. I was initially worried that I'd be repeating the Normal Again icons I did for otherworldlyric back in March - but no. "Back in March" already feels like ten years ago, emotionally, and the difference in my icons is pretty enormous, if I may say.

I'm anxious and terrified that I won't get my entries done in time. NOT because I don't have enough. Because I have too many alts, including several using the same screencap (a no-no) albeit with different crops. I get my paws on a particular image, I always want to go deep and keep trying new things. Or because of my ADD-ishness, my brain finds it easier to focus on just a few caps rather than 20 different ones. I have icons made that could be used for 2-5 different themes, that I could shuffle around like playing cards. And yet, there's still holes and gaps, themes I haven't filled yet.

This is reason #1 why I suspect I'm not cut out for the 20in20 format in general.  Remember my old statistic, that I tended to do 5-9 times more than I needed for an OWL, Hush or Slayerstillness challenge? Jack that up a few times and you get the idea. And I'm not even counting the larger buttons, posters and banners.

Then I compare what I'm doing now to my earlier icons, and reason #1 why I don't want to give it up is staring me in the face.
Thank you very much for the support, dearest! You're always in my head as part of my cheering section when I doubt. This time around though I've been wanting so badly to show my work off to you; I've felt like a little girl coming home from school with her latest drawing "See what I did!" That kind of pure confidence and pride.

And, I just now saw Marie's Normal Again wallpaper, I know you already did - isn't it marvelous?
I am so very eager to see your new stuff and I am so happy you want me to see it.

Her wallpaper really is terrific. Love it!


It feels so very different this time to when I did the Vamp Willow set - remember how (absurdly) terrified I was?

And I just edited this post to pimp Marie's wallpaper - how could I not?
I think that once you get passed your jitters, you will have a fantastic submission to btvs20in20.
*deep breath, looks around* I already think I have a fantastic submission BUT - I have so many to choose from! Which is a terrific problem to have.

But then again, who cares which one is "award winning bestest"? Maybe I need to say "Screw that" and show entries and alts and relax. Huh - thank you for helping me put that into perspective!