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Poster for Velvetwhip's Mr Gordo fic, "Soft and Pink and Very Sad"

But first a gentle reminders to icon fans:  Sign ups for Round 4 of btvsats20in20 are happening here and now ...but don't forget that sign ups are open the ENTIRE round.

Last round the winner was...me. I pushed myself to learn some new-to-me techniques, most importantly vector masks (aka cutting around objects - and it should NOT be this hard someday I will download gimp I swear) to create some icons and banners/posters I'm really proud of *point to Dead Things icon*. And because of what I learned, I finally had the courage to create artwork this week for velvetwhip's beautiful, tragic Mr Gordo fic "Soft and Pink and Very Sad".

When I think of the story, the phrase that comes to mind is "silent scream." Who would have imagined that sadness, confusion, despair, abject helplessness and rage could all be expressed so vividly in the person of Buffy's beloved stuffed pig?

Click on the banner below for a direct link to Gabrielle's marvelous story.


The idea came to me a couple of months ago but I didn't know how to execute it. I always wanted to have the ghost image of Buffy from that final shot of The Gift merging with Mr Gordo in the lower-right corner. I had originally planned to have a faded image of a younger Buffy holding Mr Gordo or at least looking down, on the left of the picture' but it turns out Buffy either never held him onscreen or I couldn't find the cap. And at any rate, it didn't feel right to have her image there - her absence, not her presence, is the central thing to Gabrielle's story and to poor Mr Gordo. The ghost image of her headstone and most of the textures used (a furry plush texture, the blood spatter texture with color inverted over Buffy's face, plus noise and grunge filters alternating with softening and bloom filters) came about because I was trying to hide the edges of the Mr Gordo image I'd cut. Now I'm satisfied that you can't see the "seams" but working on it that was all I could see.

Gabrielle felt it captured the "chaos" of Mr Gordo's world after Buffy's death and most importantly she was pleased with it. Now I can say I am, too. I don't see the flaws anymore when I look at this; I only remember her story and Mr Gordo's plight: "His soft pink heart hurts and he wishes she were here to make it better."

The biggest mistake I made was forgetting that her LJ is narrow and downsizing it before I sent it to her, or doing it in a vertical format. pickamix kindly downsized it for Gabrielle's LJ. Thank you very much to everyone who has already commented on the piece there. Constructive criticism is warmly accepted.

And if you haven't read Gabrielle's story for goodness' sake what are you waiting for?  But do bring tissues; you'll need them. 
I am still in love with this banner. I am all teary that you created it for my story and that you like said story so much. Thank you, my friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Yours is quite a superiour talent!

I am still in love with this banner.

That is beyond what I could hope for! You are very welcome, sweetheart.

(And now that Pandora's Box has been well and truly opened, who knows what awaits? My gosh but making posters and banners is FUN!)

And if I ever in future offer a banner that you don't like, isn't up to snuff or you want to see changes to, don't ever hesitate to let me know and I shall comply!
I really like the tomb stone on the banner. It suits the story and blends very well. Again, you did a great job with this!!!
**blushes** Thank you so much hon!

The tombstone is the most-remarked upon feature of this work and it was sort of a middle of the game decision to add it, not part of the original plan. (I did play with an additional granite texture from a photo I took in Vermont over the entire piece but that was too much.)

I almost put it on the far left side because i love assymetrical and diagonal compositions which was the original plan anyway except with buffy but again - I need to hide the edges of my mask of Mr Gordo. I think I have a better idea of how to work with layers since I did that. That would be the one thing I'd change.
Wow. Beautiful. I love the contrast between the soft image of Mr Gordo and the tombstone and I really love the font contrast between "soft and pick" and "very sad".
Thank you Kiki, so much! As I said to spikesredqueen upthread, the tombstone was a decision I made halfway through the project because i needed to hide the edges of Mr Gordo, but it turned out to be a serendipitous choice.

I had no clue about the font beforehand, btw, that was entirely playing and experimenting at the end. I do love fonts and I wish I had more fonts and font effects in ipiccy (which is ok but could be better - and I can't download additional fonts. *pouts*)
I think you did fantastic work! Both on your story banner for Gabrielle and on your icons for 20in20!
Congrats, hon! I'm so impressed.

Listen, I'm thinking about signing up for r4, but my usual screencap source has dried up...do you mind me asking where u go for screencaps?
It's me. *headdesk*

I commented earlier from my phone and it keeps logging me out. *le sigh* I signed up for Season 6 (although I'm torn and think maybe I should have done S7).
Oh hello you, not who I was expecting! *waves* I saw that you signed up for rd 4! If you want to change your claim at any time in the round just ask the mod; I've done that and both bangel_4e and starry_night have been super-nice about it. (I've "almost" signed up for S7 myself every round. Sarah's face that season kills me.)

Ok, now to the resources. PAAP and Leave Me the White are my primary two for caps; LMTW has the best quality but is incomplete (for S6 it only goes up to Wrecked and then DT and Smashed Dailies in a separate dailies file).

The following more for PR and magazine imagery; buffy-fan-sites.org has screencaps that are smallish and not great quality but - hey, built-in texture!

I haven't used this one yet:

I really wish I had a source for better quality caps (don't we all?)

FYI: I looked again at your movie posters when making my banner for Gabrielle and just died a little. As in, someday I hope to be a fraction that good. Especially "Blink and You'll Miss What You Never Saw". KILL ME NOW. *runs away*
A bit late to the party here- but that banner is lovely, but so sad at the same time :(

I remember you told me you didn't do text so well, but I love the text on this! It's really gorgeous, well done ;D
A bit late to the party here

Come on in! I always have tea and cakes on hand. :)

Thank you SO MUCH for compliments! I wanted to make something worthy of Gabrielle's heartbreaking story, and I'm glad you think it works.

I remember you told me you didn't do text so well,

Did I say that? I think I've changed my mind about that. I've been playing with the text effects in ipiccy and learning new techniques, improving my skilz and having a blast. It's definitely time consuming and painstaking and I have a lot more to learn. (I wish I could download fonts to ipiccy *pout*)

Thank you again ever so much for the kind words. :)