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Quick like a bunny: Tiebreaker vote in btvsats20in20 Round 3


I knew the grunge category was going to come to this. One of my favorite overall themes this round in terms of the entry field overall, ergo one of the hardest to vote in. And neither of the tiebreaker options are mine, so the pressure is totally off. I can just kick back and see who wins. Now do be a dear and cast a vote if you haven't already*.

* i.e. if your name is not the Goddessvelvetwhip, who knows everything and sees everything.  (What? tis true.)
- (Anonymous)
Hurrah! (if you mean SS, you're one ahead of me. I voted OWL but I'm still trying to decide on SS.)

It's really lovely having you back btw.
Aw, thanks! It's good to be back! I haven't voted for OWL but I have voted for the btvsats20in20 tie breaker and SS :)

ETA: I have voted at OWL now, great sets of icons at all of the icontests!

Edited at 2014-08-26 12:13 am (UTC)
great sets of icons at all of the icontests!

Aren't they though? More people are getting back into the game so to speak, and given that I'm a newbie I have no real basis for comparison but it already feels like it's going to be an exciting "season".