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Entries Due TONIGHT midnight for Slayerstillness challenge 30 Free for All Round & OWL Challenge 181

1) slayerstillness: What I said in the title? THAT.

It's 4:45pm est my time zone and the deadline is midnight YOUR TIME ZONE. Isn't that convenient?  More entries are always welcome. Once again I have no illusions about winning jack this round, I just wanted to stretch my muscles and get back in the game.

(Somehow, I managed to lose a really lovely Amends icons I'd made that I intended for submission. Literally, I cannot find it. PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one who has ever done that? LIe to me if you must, my dears.)

2) otherworldlyric submissions are also due tonight at midnight for Challenge 181, "Eye of the Tiger".  This time, I confess I've got nothin' (I tried to think of a vampire eye in really close up to go with the title of the song but that's really freakin' obvious isn't it?) but maybe YOU'VE got a little something-something?
Hmmm... Otherworld lyric huh? I have this idea of Darla and Dru for: "Rising up, back on the street"

Also, doesn't "Risin' up to the challenge of our rivals" make you think of Buffy vs Faith?


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I have this idea of Darla and Dru for: "Rising up, back on the street"

oooh, I'm liking, I'm liking...I don't think I can make anything tonight (unless my sweetie goes to bed early *plots*) What episode are you thinking? From ats? (which I haven't seen)

Also, doesn't "Risin' up to the challenge of our rivals" make you think of Buffy vs Faith?

I keep mishearing that lyric in my head as "the challenge of our lives" and thinking about the shot in OMWF where everyone is walking down the street (the firetruck shot.)
But NOW I've got Buffy & Faith on the brain, hmmm.....

(And also, gluten free lava chocolate cake because my sweetie is reading me gluten free baking recipes.)

Dru turns Darla in The Trial, which is in Season 2 of AtS. Also, they are together in the next episode, Reunion.

OOOOH, yummy cake!

Glad if anything I said was helpful.

Definitely worth digging into! I've never done Dru or Darla (I tried some Dru icons once but they were a miserable failure.)

(Of course I've never posted my Buffy/Faith "Slayer hand job" icons because now I'm embarrassed by the quality of them.)

Oh and the cakes, they are gluten free with coconut flour: Mexican chocolate cake
(let's face it the ingredients in this one? Prob a $30 cake here)

the molten lava cake is a wee bit more reasonable - and at least it looks good in the photo:
Thanks for the recipes!

I know you underestimate your work routinely, so I am sure those icons are FAR better than you say.

You're very welcome!

And trust me, I have my moments of "wow this is good!" and then...I start looking at the stuff other people have been doing for years and think, not so much after all. (I'm trying to make my approach sound like a positive. It probably isn't.)

I still get a HUGE kick out of seeing my icons used by other people. :)
- (Anonymous)
Do you mean 32-34 in this post?

I had wondered what they were for - especially that very dramatic Faith/Willow icon. (Why aren't there more F/W....oh, never mind.) I'm sorry to hear that sweetie, but don't feel bad - i've messed up several times. twice I tried to submit icons with text to btvs_hush, two of my icons were disqualified for round one of btvsats20in20.

Ok,that probably didn't sound as comforting as I'd intended. But don't beat yourself up over it - lessons learned.

Your ideas for that song are pretty brilliant btw - I wish I felt so inspired, I just don't. (Being too familiar with a song is always a problem for me - I do best with songs I've never heard. I just read the lyrics on the site and go from there, except for a Sarah Maclaglan song one round.)

But I managed something for slayerstillness - and I can't wait to see what you come up with for that one eventually.
- (Anonymous)
knowing that I'm not the only one that screws this stuff up IS comforting ... it makes me feel less alone in that.

I'm glad if that helps - we never know we're not the only ones until someone else speaks up! Which is always a comforting thing.

what I did to get past that was to just randomly select word sets here and there and see what those said to me. And ta–dah I got three icons pretty easy that way. Try it and see if that works for you some time.

I actually did a post one day that played with that idea because I hated the song "bad to the bone":
and kwritten came up with some brilliant suggestions (and fantastic icons for that round) But I've not actually done it myself.

What I would like to know is WHY, conversely, every time I go to enter btvs_hush, I automatically start making icons with text. (I was going to enter something for the free for all round and missed the deadline - again. I ended up making some images that are, um, way darker or at least more morbid than usual for me. As in, I creeped myself out - and enjoyed doing it. I'll be interested in your feedback when I post them.)

I entered SS by the bye ... I just submitted them a few minutes ago, just barely making the deadline. They aren't my best work, but I picked what I thought were interesting shots.

I managed to enter some too, pretty much the same deal, not my best but something quick. Which means I was wondering why the heck I made them as soon as I'd entered them, pretty much, although I do like the concept and coloring in one. Probably pretty obvious which are mine. There are some with unusual crops that I thought might be yours, - I'm always curious.
I don't have any ideas for Slayerstillness or OWL.

I like the ideas that have been suggested for you though! Especially Darla/Dru. :)
I didn't have any ideas for SS, just threw some things together at random. (I think free for alls are my weak spot - I do best when I have a "concept" to work around.)

BTW - you're excused on account of impending nuptuals but eventually I expect to see some icons again, Missy. (How many days away is it? it was 29 days away on the 8th but I suck at math so it must be - right around the corner?)