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Vote for your 3 fave icons in btvs_hush challenge 279! And new entries for 20in20 (not by me!)

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I may have entered an icon - made when I should have been making more Tara icons but really needed a break because I was in the doldrums creatively.  Mention of this fact should not be construed as encouragement to vote for my icons because1) you don't know which are mine and 2) we all know what happens when friends vote for friends soley on the basis of friendship, don't we?

That's right - everytime someone votes on a pure friendship basis a FAIRY IS TORTURED TO DEATH. Screaming horrible death, wings slowly torn off - don't let another fairy needlessly suffer! Vote on the basis of aesthetic quality and STOP THE MADNESS!


I can say that my favorite icon in this round is definitely not mine - a very very pretty one that's far and away my favorite. But I can't say which ones I voted for either, so you'll just have to suffer the agony of suspense, m'dears.


Three new sets of entries have been posted for Round 3 of btvsats20in20: bangel_4e's Buffy icons, debris4spike's gen-centric Season 3 icons and sweet_lyri's IWRY set. Each one raisin' the bar a little higher and a little higher for those who come after. I particularly love how each participant in this round has found a different way to interpret the Category "Magnifying Glass". Go see the pretties!

I already voted at Hush. Your description of the consequences of friendship-based voting was... vivid.

um..did I go overboard, dearheart? tell me honest and true. (i thought it was funny when I came up with it but - mebbe not?)
- (Anonymous)
When I vote, I at least try to read or look at everything there is and be objective about it....good writing is good writing and good art is good art

Exactly so. I talked about voting and concrit a little bit in this post : http://red-satin-doll.livejournal.com/38760.html (I think the same principles apply to casting votes or concrit - one is anonymous, the other is person-to-person. Making a long story longer - my feelings for a person and my opinions about their work are two entirely separate issues.

I've voted for icons that I don't know the fandom for if they looked really good and I understood on a basic level how the lyrics used paired up with the image.

I've often wondered if my feelings for or reactions to icons for fandoms I don't know is "purer" or more "compromised" by not having that backstory and the emotions or memories that go with it? I suspect there are icons I haven't voted for because I can't tell what's going on when I might have been able to if I'd known the context. Like you, I do the best I can, I don't think there's really any answer other than "watch every single tv show the comm covers"? And that's not happening.

when it comes to popular votes and people know the author/artist ahead of time ... the most popular person wins more often then not. There are exceptions to this of course.

I wonder if this is more true for certain awards than not? And then you have the difference to icontests, which are "anonymous" (except for 20in20's) to fic awards. I've certainly seen awards that had me thinking "THAT WON? REALLY?" I think "best" is objective and measurable but I know from judging in the past that everyone's objective measure of excellence turns out to be completely subjective.

So I often tell myself that I won't accept the noms for popular vote awards because I'm always upset when it's over, but I'm always surprised that anyone would nominate something of mine and feel like I would be disrespecting that confidence in my work if I refused....I think with this round of the SunnyD awards, I'm just going to tell people up front to not nominate me. And just read and vote, rather than have a horse in the race.

A friend of mine who was an admin on a board I was a member of years ago said "it's just fandom, if we're not having fun, what's the point?" I try to go by that (says the gal who overthinks every gosh darn icon she makes *ahem*) So if being in the race is uncomfortable-making for you then saying so up front makes a lot of sense.

My first nomination was for my Xander meta two years ago - it didn't win and didn't deserve to, and oh gosh it was nice of someone to nominate me but for that? Not even close to being good enough by my own standards. So I nominated a bunch of other meta that I thought were a lot better because I didn't want to be embarrassed and win for something substandard.

If I win an award I want it to be an honest win. (Which is why I have mixed feeling about Mods choice and banner makers choice awards in Slayerstilness - on the one hand I want the award to be "real" on the other - I know good stuff gets overlooked all the time and as with you, I don't want to insult the person thought my work good enough for mention.)

OTOH, I really like my work that has been nominated for this round of the wicked awards, I honestly do. But I still find myself making other nominations that I might like better than my work - either I want it to be an honest race, or I'm a masochist who wants to win but can't allow herself to do so, IDK.

The reason I like OWL and Hush is because you don't know who made what unless they win something. Or the person posts the icons on their own journal later. More contests should be like that.

It would be interesting to see what fiction awards would look like if the entries were anonymous as with icontests. Would the results differ?

It was crazy hard to choose three icons for Hush. I managed, but it was so hard!! I think this is going to be a super close round for winners.

I think this is going to be a super close round for winners.

There is one that I thought OMGGOOOORGEOUS! But other than that I absolutely agree. (And not taking my own into account, so I don't know how it looks from "outside".)

I don't feel like I sent in my personal favorites but I never do. For once I took the general aesthetic qualities of past winners into consideration, which is probably a fools errand.