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The Monday edition! All the squee that's fit to post (that I recall off the top of my head)

* Congratulations to the winners of btvs_hush Challenge 278 rua1412, xclaire_delunex, and (a new name to me) stepinsidelove! Entries for Challenge 279 are due TOMORROW August 5 and according to dragonydreams there will NOT be an extension this round. (Many thanks to pickamix for the heads-up on that fact.)  So there's still one day to come up with something if you're quick and clever (and decidedly not me).

* bangel_4e has posted her entries for Round 3 of btvsats20in20, "Buffy Summers".  I knew she'd come up with something to do Buffy proud and oh my did she ever. *This is me quietly resisting throwing in the towel...for the love of Tara I plod onward and I am really really overthinking this*

scribesds is looking for new members and feedback on the future of writers_toybox, a comm for fanwriters looking for beta help, prompts, wanting to talk about writing etc. The comm has been primarily but not soley B/A-oriented up until now. Should it stop being a B/A community? Open up to other fandoms? Become a general writing forum? WHAT SAY YOU?

* A very happy birthday/week/month/year to - lots of people on my f'list (in no particular order): ruuger, clawofcat, st_salieri, darkgoddessgege, zanthinegirl, kerkevik_2014 (Ray), blackfrancine, sweetiepebbles, ozma914 (Mark Fields Hunter), bradcpu, and who am I missing?  I apologize for the wishes en masse but people just keep gettin' born! I hope it was filled with something much nicer than heartache, misery, a boyfriend's soul going kablooey and an animated arm in a box.  Unless any of that's your cup of tea.
Love is it's own reason for being! *hugs you back*

I was thinking of you today - *whispers* I surprised myself and made some Willow/Aly Hannigan icons, I hope you'll like them. */end whisper*

People born in the summer are awesome, that's all there is to it. But who's Mark Fields?

I could use an animated arm, if it didn't try to kill me ....
But who's Mark Fields?

Ah, see, I throw in small errors like that to make sure people are paying attention and so far -everyone's got a gold star! (except me) Yup, that's my story, and not that I'm too damn rushed or lazy to double-check my facts. *shifty eyes*

Mebbe I could get at job at the NY times?

I apologize for that, it's all fixed now.

I could use an animated arm, if it didn't try to kill me ....

I suspect we all could - but what would you use it for? (Now there's a poll questiom)
I love gold stars! And I've also been known to make name errors. So I say, go for that NY Times job.

I would put the animated arm to work doing housework, of course!
Agreed ... and theoretical mechanics can debate over whether an arm, by itself, would be all that useful.
and theoretical mechanics can debate over whether an arm, by itself, would be all that useful.

How did you know I was thinking about that? (there are one or two things that a mechanical arm would be useful for by itself that are not...housework. *ahem*)

Your icon is SOOOOO timely btw. I need to do just that (mom's coming for a visit for a week and you'd think that would be motivation enough right but...oh, look, fanfic, shiny!)

Oh, the icon?
I spent a long time trying to have a more or less orderly life, while also working a full time job, having a family, and starting a writing career. As a result, I didn't start a writing career. I finally concluded that if I had to make a choice between dusting and writing, I should be writing! And having decided that, in October my fifth book is coming out.
Thanks sweetie - it's ok pimpage but no birthday pictures! No art! I'm slacking on the job!

(Actually I'm making icons so - valid excuse?)
- (Anonymous)
Aw, hon..you flatter me...thank you for this, I really appreciate it..you do too much <3

And I CAN'T WAIT to see your Tara icons cause I'm sure they'll fantastic :)
My pleasure! when my mom arrives on the 13th to stay for a week I will be entirely absent from the 'puter so I'd better make up for it now.

And I can't wait to see them either *lol*