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Icon challenge pimpage, the Sunday and It's Two Days Late Edition!

1) btvs_hush: Vote NOW for your three favorite entries in Challenge 278 "Chosen".  "Now" as in, deadline 8pm tonight EST. Then grumble at me for not being more prompt with the pimpage. (I'm a big girl, I can take it.)

Then enter Challenge 279 which uses PR photos rather than screencaps, including what I think is probably the loveliest photo of Aly Hannigan ever taken - it is to her what Greg Gorman's S5 promo photos are to Sarah: celebrity/PR portraiture as art. Challenge deadline August 5th; dollars to donuts that gets extended
ETA: Nope, this challenge WILL NOT be extended; thanks to pickamix for the heads up!

2) Vote NOW for your three faves at otherworldlyric Challenge 179! Some really deceptively delicate-but-strong and "oh gosh how did they do that text effect I LOVE that" entries this round. (And a certain manpire's cheekbones that are a special effect all by themselves YES I SAID IT.)  Congratulate recent winners dragonydreams, xclaire_delunex and pickamix!  (Ok, Challenge 176 is not immediately recent but whatever. Yay for new names and mixing it up!)

Then enter Challenge 180, "Where Does My Heart Beat Now?" by the one and only Celine Dion *snerk* Actually, she was sort of cute then with the '80's overprocessed hair and The Eyebrows. When a female celeb starts to make it big, The Eyebrows are always the first thing to go. Deadline on this Challenge is Friday August 8th.

3) Speaking of August 8th, the deadline for slayerstillness Challenge 29 "The Freshman" has been extended another week due to lack of entries. *cue big sighs of relief*

- (Anonymous)
So glad I had since the hush round isn't going to be extended

Thank you for the heads up on that! I'll edit my post. BTW, I snagged your Bad Girls icon thank you, and I hope it's ok, I bumped up the brightness one notch to see Faith's face a little better? Let me know how it looks to you or if it's not ok, I'll take it down, just let me know.
(I'm still lusting after your Willow Green/Purple icon *rummages around to find space*)

I'm debating whether or not I'll do anything for slayerstillness. I've never done that one before and know nothing about it.

DO IT! DO IT! :)

I'm serious.

Both OWL and SS have pushed me to improve my skills but I think SS moreso because the you can submit up to five icons in any given challenge and the competition is pretty fierce from fall through spring. The challenges are rarely extended for most of the year because they have enough entries which is the one drawback for me, otherwise I'd have entered more of them. starry_night is a super-fantabulous mod.

The awards are 1-3rd place, but then also Best Crop, Best Color, and Most Creative, plus 2 mods choice prizes and 1 Banner Maker's choice (if the banner maker wishes). Having to select best crop etc I think has really forced me to sharpen my eye. I've won five awards there but three were Mod's Choice or Banner Maker's choice, so it makes me want to push myself even harder to be competitive.

starry_night unscreens the entry threads and the voting threads after the winners are announced so we can see who made what (and not have to beg the mod for the information) and who voted for what. I think that's cool but some folks might not be comfortable with that?
- (Anonymous)
I looked at it and thought, what did she do it looks perfect? Oh the cup, I'd forgotten it was there! Did you cut it out or paint over it. just out of curiousity? I was trying to finish my entries and too much of a rush to be fussed with removing it, but it's much better without it. Gosh that was such a great image of the hands

Permission to use granted - I feel as though the credit line should read "made by red_satin_doll customized by pickamix" or made by "and"? because that is a major element.

Now that space looks like it needs some text. Someone's name? hmmmm.... if you want to add your name in the black area feel free to do so (you have better font options and I'll bet you'll have a very elegant one that is just the thing.)

A larger version of that would be a glorious fic banner wouldn't it? (Oh that gives me an idea, for later - thanks for the brainstorm!)
- (Anonymous)
I put your version nto my photobucket to try to add text and came to the same conclusion you did - I liked the empty space better!

I also like how the color of VW's sleeve is a bit darker in yours. Well done.

Painting over the cup makes sense - Photobucket does have an extremely simple but effective paint too (color-matching is another issue) but it just never occurred to me. But no not upset at all, I appreciate that you asked permission! That's the only thing I'd want. (And dosh, as you say, but that ain't happenin' *lol*)

And I like how you worded it on your userpics pages and adopted your wording ("with permission") for the Buffy/Faith icon.

It would be a wonderful fic banner.

When i'm done with the Tara project for round 3 of 20in20 (and my mom's visit next week) I'll have to explore that idea. (or maybe before, who knows?)

I've been having issues downloading GIMP or I'd tell you the GIMP equavelant of what I did.

I don't have gimp yet because I've been having issues too and decided to uninstall it and try again later when I've got more time and patience.

apparently the new Mac OS has compatibility issues with gimp. (the new OS has compatibility issues with everything.) This icon was made in either Photobucket or ipiccy (All I did was crop it and make slight adjustments). Can you tell me what you did in PS(?) anyway? Even if I can't apply all of it to ipiccy or don't understand yet, I usually learn something.

And oh, no worries about this round of Slayerstillness, there's ALWAYS another. I don't think I'm going to submit anything for this round either. I look forward to when you do.
- (Anonymous)
Believe it or not that does make sense to me, thank you!

And my sweetie may have a version of PS on the 'puter - letting me play with it is another story (we shall have to talk.)

Thanks so much for help and generosity hon! I'll get there, no worries.