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Banner for Slayerstillness Challenge 28 up NOW

Banner Gallery HERE for tempertemper, clockwork_hart1 and juliet316, including a Banner Maker's Choice. Congratulations to all the winners of this round!
This was my second time making awards banners and someday oh someday I will make it easier on myself by having a preset design and placing icons atop it like sensible people do. Until then...each of the banners was individually made and ipiccy has no way for me to size the font exactly. Still, I think they came out pretty good, and relatively consistent when standing side-by-side. (Minor flaws are part of the charm, of course, like the slubby weave on a raw silk blouse. So says I.) Your feedback is always appreciated and valued - what say you, Gentle Reader?

If I had known that awards banners existed and that someday I'd be making such, I'd have picked a shorter screenname two years ago. Think of the banner makers, people, think of the artists!

FYI: the deadline for Challenge 29 of slayerstillness is Friday August 1st, (ETA: deadline extended to August 8th per starry_night) midnight at your time zone. The prompt this time around is "The Freshman" (btvs S4.01) and you know what I'm thinking, don't you?
[And no, it's not Buffy hairporn:]

You already know this, but I'll tell you again that I think your banners are marvelous!

Also, thank you for the Maggie Walsh banner, though I must admit that part of my fondness for her is that she is played by Lindsay Crouse. Lindsay Crouse! The star of House of Games! Only one of the coolest, most original actresses on the planet! Did I happen to mention she was the star of House of Games?

Sorry. I have a House of Games "thing."

Lindsay Crouse! The star of House of Games! Only one of the coolest, most original actresses on the planet! Did I happen to mention she was the star of House of Games?

You may have *lol* when I watched S4 and was dissatisfied by how little they gave her to do and then they suddenly killed Maggie off I went into repeat rant mode: "You people hire LINDSAY CROUSE, only one of the GREAT American actors of the 20th century and premier interpreter of the works of David Mamet, give her almost nothing to do and then KILL HER OFF? WTF??"

Gosh but I'm tired of American tv and movies having an embarrassment of riches when it comes to female actors "of a certain age" and not knowing what to do with them.

*note to self: watch House of Cards asap*

And thank you again for the compliments, sweetie! Coming back from the MRI today on the bus I was thinking "I should have done....I should have redone...." etc. That sort of thinking? It has its place but it also gets in the way of moving forward on new things, IMO.

You know, I liked Olivia but Mrs Walsh was batshit crazy lol
She's all the things you said but yeah, a little out of it.

And I guess Olivia had to go. Joss said many times they didn't want the scooby gang to have stable father and mother figures *plus* they used that to make another connection between Buffy and Giles. Their world becomes too much for outsiders (and even non-outsiders) to handle. But she seemed kind of awesome and I loved that Giles had a love interesting besides Joyce (if we can call it love interest).
Oh God, I love the Freshman, can't wait to see the icons! (Which would be probably in two weeks since I'm going on holiday on the day of the deadline)

Your banners are really cute! And I can't see no flaws, they seem pretty professional.
Thanks for the promo for the current challenge. I'm gonna extend a week anyway because there are still only 3 icons entered :(

And I agree about Joss' aversion to mature female characters. I would have loved a few more eps of Giles/Olivia moments and even Maggie Walsh I didn't mind until the Adam thing (but that was mostly the Adam thing I hated not her).
Re: the Adam thing, I read an interview with Lindsay Crouse that she didn't want to leave the show, but heard it about it when she got to the set (it was a negotiation mix up) so who knows, she was supposed to be the Big Bad that year.

But notice how many female big bads that would have made and notice they are all linked by "insanity" in ways that male big bads are not? Angelus, The Master, the Mayor, we know what they are doing and why. We never find out why Maggie does what she does, so she comes off as just crazy - add to that watching Riley and Buffy have sex, trying to kill Buffy, etc etc and you've got *hint wink* insane old possibly closet-case lesbian (maybe) who is arrogant enough to take on male priviledge and succeed in not one but TWO male-dominated fields (academia and the sciences).

And it's also a pattern with female teachers or academics, although Joss isn't kind to male academics either.

And Olivia being portrayed as afraid to stay in Sunnydale when courage is a primary moral value on the show bugs me to no end. And gosh she was great with Giles. She could have been a great character.
I think you did a beautiful job with the banners. Way to go!