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I've been nominated at the Wicked Awards THANK YOU!


The nomination period for Round 11 of the wicked_awards is OPEN through August 1st -  and I know this because a dear, precious little bird informed me that she had nominated two of my artworks: Prodigal Daughter in "Under Your Spell (Best Banner)" and "Guess Who? (Let a Smile be Your Umbrella - Vamp Willow)" icon from Round 2 of btvsats20in20 in "Something to Sing About" (Best Icon)!

And someone else (I know not who) nominated my poster** for clockwork_hart1's fic "Conclusive Etymology of a Summers" in the Banner category!


I'll let my first benefactor reveal themselves publicly only if they wish, but I know - and I like knowing. In the second case, I have a short-list of suspects but nothing definitive, so my gratitude rides a warm embrace through the air to Whomever-You-May-Be.


I'm just - WOW. I never expected this.  In the art categories? SERIOUSLY?

[MORE hugs, love, squee and pimpage!]

Two years ago if anyone had told me I'd be nominated in any awards for fanart, not meta or even fiction category, my reaction would have looked something like this:

Then like this:

And then asked what the real punchline was. Because I was going to be all writerly and, you know, write meta and stuff. My sweetie is/was the "visual artist" as a painter and sculptor; that's her territory, not mine. She's the "artist" in the family.  Or that was the idea anyway. Making fanart wasn't even on my radar. (I hadn't even made a single icon since I'd wandered away from Moulin Rouge fandom a few years ago.) So this feels strange and a little surreal, in the best possible way.

It's also sweet because the nominations are coming from people whose work I respect and admire so much, in a fandom filled with amazing artists; (and because RL has been a bit on the sucky side lately. 'nuff said.) This is just a lovely surprise all around. THANK YOU again to the souls who nominated me and to everyone here who has welcomed me so warmly and openly, and supported me with friendship, encouragement, advice and tutoring.

These are happy tears:


An extra-special thank you to kwritten, whose icons I so admire for their layered delicacy, for mentioning one day, off-handedly that she used ipiccy and had I ever heard of it?  No I had not - but my work took a huge leap forward when I started playing with it. I know gimp and PS are more sophisticated and I will end up using one or the other no doubt, but ipiccy is free, user-friendly and similar enough to programs I've used before to transition away from Photobucket.


Three things I love about the wicked_awards (among many many things):

1)  They have categories in Art, Music Video AND in Fiction.  This is the only award I know of in this fandom that does.

2) The winners are decided by judges (the "Inner Workings" post is a great read, check it out) rather than popular vote. Not to diss one or the other but there is definitely room for both types.

3) Moderators angelus2hot and spankedbyspike are all-around wonderful human being and ever gracious. (Which has been true of every admin and mod I've encountered since coming to this fandom and to LJ, to be honest. You folks are a rare breed and deserve many kudos for your work.)

The nomination period ENDS AUGUST 1st 25th - and I'm noticing a lot of empty spaces on the Nominee list. Remember that there is no limit to the nominations they accept in any category (unless it gets ridiculous, knowwhatimean?), a person can be nom'd up to twice in any category writers can only be nomm'd once per category, visual artists/vidders can be nomm'd twice per category *** (not including collaborative work) and DID I MENTION THE NOMINATION PERIOD ENDS SOON AND LOTS OF EMPTY SPACES ON THE LIST?  You know what to do, Gentle Reader  - make somebody happy - just make sure you real the Rules and Past Winners list first. If you're not certain, just ask the always helpful mods!

Along those lines, the mods not only welcome but encourage self-nomination. I did that last year with my Ted meta, which felt a little embarrassing at first but I got a pretty Runner-Up banner, and a few people saw my meta who might not have otherwise. Aside from the kudos and encouragement this is the point: to give people a chance to see, watch and read something that mightn't have crossed their paths otherwise. Sharing is Caring!

** I know "banner" is used for just about everything that ain't nailed down when it comes to fanart, but I like the term "poster". PS: the Etymology poster I swore I would always love instead of just seeing the flaws ten years down the road? Two months later, I'm already seeing the flaws and what I woulda/coulda/shoulda have done better. Durn it.

***ETA: angelus2hot gently corrected my errors re: nominating period and number of noms per category: a masterclass in graciousness, that's what I'm talking about.
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Yes, basically so. *sheepish grin* I had already done hours of experimentation and exploration before I went away for a week: icons for Slayerstillness, the Etymology poster they inspired (and the rejected alts), and most all the Vamp Willow project. HOLY CHEESE ON A CRACKER, did that Vamp Willow project take a lot out of me. It was so intense. So when I came back after a week's break, I had all these new lessons and experiences with what ipiccy can do; so Prodigal Daughter was easy-peasy-breezy by comparison.

And actually so was the Guess who icon I made the night before or day I posted my 20in20 entries - just having a bit of fun.

EEK! I better get to doing more nom'ing. Also, you truly deserve the nominations, hon!!!! You really, really, REALLY do!

I nomm'd some things today that probably aren't up yet but the cupboard is almost bare compared to last year. (wither the firefly, Supernatural, star trek etc nominees?)

And there are things I'd love to nominate for excellence that are outside of LJ (mostly meta and vids , so I have to email the person to ask (because they might not know about Wicked) or as with YouTube, where most videos are, I can't find direction contact information so I have to wing it.

you truly deserve the nominations

Gosh, sweete at this rate I think I'm starting to believe you - which may be dangerous! I need to stay humble and hungry! *lol* Have I gone over your daily quota of hugs times a thousand yet? No? Then I need to get cracking!

And goodness did making VampWillow my claim pay big dividends. A few rounds back of Slayerstillness I didn't enter the Vampire theme because "I'm not interested in vampires". *lol*

Oh I saw rua's poster for your fic nomm'd as well - I was going to nom it if it hadn't been already.

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I'm not sure what these things are, but I wanted to say congrats! I know the art you do here means a lot to you, and that you put a lot of love, time, and work into it. You deserve recognition for it!
Oh my goodness thank you for the support hon! There is SO much great work out there.

Now go take a look if you haven't already (and if you have the time). And shame on me for not checking my friends feed more often - how are you feeling?
Hi, Thank you for the pimpage! I really appreciate it. :D

Ummmm... hon, the nomination period ends August 25th. There's a whole month of nominating. Authors can only be nominated once in a category. Artists/Vidders can be nominated twice.
*slaps forehead*

Durn it! This is why I need my friends to save me from myself! (What's the line in Dangerous Liasons, "more enthusiasm than skill?") All fixed now thank you muchly. I thought I was reading that nomination cut off all wrong.

Authors can only be nominated once in a category. Artists/Vidders can be nominated twice.

I was going to ask why but I think I just answered my own question: because there are far more fic than art/vid categories?
Thank you my dear! (You wouldn't happen to be the person who nomm'd the Etymology poster would you? I assumed Lucy herself did it but no; I'm marking through my list o' suspects.)

I'm still kind of blown away by it all to be honest.
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*Hugs back* Thank you so much! If I've earned it, that's an amazing thing and I'm so very grateful!

And oh, congratulations on your win at round 176 of otherworldlyrics! I'm way behind on kudos and pimpage for that comm so that will have to happen another day so I can squee about your NFA font and the perfect marriage of font, color, image and lyric choice.

That's the first time I've seen your name as winner there but i haven't been paying attention to icontests very long, surely that's not your first win?
- (Anonymous)
Thank you again so very much for your feedback and comments!

I've entered four times. Those are the only times I made icons for a contest. I won first place twice, didn't even place a third, and this time hasn't gone up for voting yet.

Congratulations on both your wins (and that's quite an enviable track record already.)

I can see why you won both times - for one thing, your ability to match the perfect lyric with the image is first-rate. I like when an icon makes me stop for a second and think or remember or say "ouch" or (in this case) "Oh Willow, honey, no." I like adding text but I don't think I've developed that keen a skill (and it is a skill) at matching lyric/image; or I haven't practiced enough.

That Willow icon, are those three layers you've put together - four counting the text - one with the black bar and then the images top and bottom? Did you add text after putting those three components togetther so you could color match the text effect?

this time hasn't gone up for voting yet.

Yours was the one entry dragonydreams had received when she extended the deadline I take it?
I look forward to seeing what you came up with!

I'm usually only able to participate if there's an extension, deadlines make me freeze. And even then the challenge has to speak to me.

Imagine me nodding along and saying "yes, yes, me too." (How many times have I begged a mod to allow an extension? I need to make Time Management my friend.) And I think the "inspiration" thing is why I've only participated in two btvs_hush challenges; if I were a writer, I think prompts would make me freeze up in similar fashion. Perhaps I should push myself to "be" inspired and not wait for it to come to me? IDK

It was one of the rare times I really did like what I did ... even after a bunch of time passed.

Which one? Both are wonderful, you should be pleased. (and your Bad Girls icon is still floating around in my head btw.I was thinking of snagging it - and then saw your delicate Willow purple/green icon and stopped cold and OH GOSH decisions and only so many spaces - you won't mind if I snag either one with proper credit will you?)

BTW I sent a PM to evangelin1202 asking if I could snag Druslila children of light icon that I saw in you userpics aka icon gallery, you don't mind sharing I hope? That might be the loveliest Dru icon I've ever laid eyes on.

I'm probably a bit silly about asking permission (when someone wants an icon of mine I'm absolutely thrilled and don't demand permission, just proper credit). But when it comes to other people's icons I'm ever-so-careful perhaps to the point of absurdity.
Thank you very much! I'm happy and surprised my fanart has been so well received, but I'm very grateful for it.