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If you did something useful and constructive today....

Such as, posted your Spike icons for Round 3 of btvsats20in20 like rua1412 did and made the rest of us (read: me) look like slackers, put together your entries for slayerstillness, otherworldlyric and/or btvs_hush; posted the lasted chaper of your newest masterpiece in fanfiction (such as velvetwhip's Blindfold; completed various and sundry errands while making it all look easy or just been generally useful and constructive in your use of time.....instead of putzing around making Buffy Summers fanart out of cloudscapes you shot out of the car window in Vermont....

                                                          Trailing Clouds of Glory Series  1-9 - Click on all images for fuill-size versions
3aee7f48-9daa-4128-91eb-afb56e6ccff0_zps069ff020# 1

ICON30893af0-a162-44f0-abb9-b7b3030806d7_zpsa18bf6af # 1.5  - the icon version

...then clearly you are not me. Congratulations for your wise and sensible choices!

Yes of course I have variations; I can't decide what I like best. Are you mad? I can't even decide what I want to do for Round 3 of btvsats20in20 and am this close to putting it up a poll.(I could have used the icon above as my starting point - and then decided that I really wanted it for me, right NOW.)

[More art inside my gallery - come have a glass of champagne and look around]

I've been wanting to put together this image of Buffy from the Gift with a cloudscape ever since I worked on "Scroll Fragment 1" a couple of weeks ago, and started really playing with layers, textures and filtes. I did the layers and major grunge or bloom textures in ipiccy, then finished off with my signature, text, San Carmen filter (see #2), frames and minor adjustments etc in Photobucket.

Trailing Clouds of Glory Series -  Click on all images for full-size  versions.  
b72a8b7b-95f5-4550-82ee-2296b189cdd6_zpsaa28751b# 2

bb624e06-f9fb-4bce-bf10-7339a0074e87_zps7d34ac16 # 3

I love the way the clouds look like a classical wreath or tiara around her head. Willow gets the title "goddess" in canon but Buffy's my queen (kikimay will understand) and I loved the feeling in these images of Buffy as a benvolent sky goddess - perhaps a more upbeat interpretation of the events of "The Gift". (The irony of my use of the word "glory" in the title did not escape my notice.) Granted, a goddess who will come down and get medieval on your ass if you cross Mama.

53a45dba-a0bf-4d8d-8d0b-c2ddb507ad33_zpsab709418 # 4

5ea74b7f-4d44-4c88-bacc-0de6fdaa35dc_zps67dbe6a7 # 5
Her expression is the epitome of what we call a "Mona Lisa smile" - caught halfway between a smile and a frown (it could go either way when I played with the image, depending on the level of contrast), tinged with irony, poignancy and a certain resignation.
15b8ac20-6829-4a39-8186-3ecb68e46b43_zpsa224052a # 6
f57dba5b-2298-4592-a362-8c2839473f94_zps603c5f5c 4a9b94a3-0c17-4365-b2fb-083469912edb_zps525d4e1b 0cebc5bf-14e1-4433-80f9-c8c0f08c7999_zps1dc30e2d # 7-9
Click on images for full-sized versions.
ETA: A couple more variations at my Scrapbook here (f'riends only) .

And yes I really did take the cloudscape out the car window - whilst my sweetie was driving - on macro/food setting. Proof-positive that my Nikon digital camera is absolutely idiot-proof.

Click image for full-size (it's reallly pretty! If I do say so myself. This reminds me of a cloud study by Constable or Corot, which only prooves what great artists they were.) Cropped and sharpened ever-so-slightly in Photobucket or ipiccy. I can't remember which.

On the upside, I completed a job application to a big box retailer today.  Cheese on a cracker but those online personality tests are insane.

Now to figure out what to do for the 20in20. (Amends? Sleeper? Tara? Willow/Tara? Joyce? The Summers women? *ponders*)
I think these are stunning! I am especially partial to 1, 2, 3, and 6, but they are all excellent! You used your vacation to good effect! Brava!

ETA: Kudos to you for putting in that job application!


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Oh goodness thank you dear! I had such fun making these!

I just interchanged #1 & 3 with one another but the ones you named are all my favorites as well! Love the jewel tones of #6, such an ironic contrast to the grunge effects; and the vintage postcard look of #2.

But I'm also partial to the warm rose tones of #4 as well.

Tomorrow I'm off to a friends house for instructions on housesitting for their cats while they're on vacation - they are paying me WAY too much for the gig, but they offered and who am I to turn it down?
- (Anonymous)
You make me blush, and believe me, it isn't easy

*dusts off hands* then my work here is done :)

And your favorite banner is mine as well.

I've been working on some more subdued or grungy variations btw, partly inspired by your thoughts and comments. Thank you so much for the compliments to my work!


I love what you have done - totally super-dooper!

My favourites are 2 & 4
OMG thank you so much sweetie! You picked out the two here that I used my favorite San Carmen filter from photobucket on btw. (See my Dawn & Tara icon) You have an excellent eye!

I love 2 as well. And it was one of the easiest - basically it's #3 (layers done in ipiccy) taken back to Photobucket, sharpened a bit and saturation bumped up, applied San Carmen filter and made minor adjustments after that, then signed.

#4 has San Carmen filter atop #1 - lots of sharpening first, fiddling with adjustments of color, temperature etc before and after applying the filter.

I wish San Carmen filter were in piccy so going back and forth wasn't necessary, it , splash effect and the font I use for my signature are my favorite things about PB's editing suite.
These are lovely! Really creative :D

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, hope you get the job!

Gorgeous banners and icon. I love the effect with the clouds - my faves are probably 1 and 4 but they're all beautifully done :)

And good luck with the job application :)
You're the first person who didn't name #2! I love #2 but I had SO MUCH fun playing with grunge textures for 1 and 4, I'm glad you like them!

#4 is #1 but with San Carmen filter added in PB and other adjustments. (I sharpened #4 quite a bit to get more of the "canvas" texture all across the image after I'd added the layers and filters.)

Thanks for the good wishes on the job!
I really love number 2 sweetie..it has a certain vintage-y feeling and it all seems very blended together, it all comes out wonderfully. I know about the indecision of what to claim..I usually just go with what I'm feeling right at that moment and choose a claim..but that can be still difficult :)
Vintage-y was exactly what I was going for there - and as I explained to debris4spike it's just version #3 with San Carment effect from Photobucket (and lots of tinkering with sharpness, color, etc.). It's probably my favorite of the bunch.

I usually just go with what I'm feeling right at that moment and choose a claim..but that can be still difficult :)

A month ago I was feeling ALL sorts of things - right now I'm feeling completely meh (except about this Buffy image apparently) I can't do the Gift because you and at least one other person are doing Buffy already and it's not that I couldn't, but I think something different to would be a good idea, y'know?

I'm thinking Tara at this point.
I wish you could do Summers women for the contest.

Aaaww, so beautiful! I especially like 1 (And the icon version) 2, 3, 6, 7 and 9. I love the picture of Buffy you chose and how the colors change the sky and give different impressions (Tempest or clear sky) It's very original. (I think I maybe see Buffy as a earth goddess)

And good luck for the job!
I wish you could do Summers women for the contest.


Thank you sweetie! I knew you'd like these - #2 seems to be everyone's favorite (mine too! And I also love the icon - I'm surprised more people haven't played with this image, it's lovely.)

And I'm glad you like #7 because I was thinking of you when I applied that color filter in Photobucket. Anytime I do an image in a pink-peach tonality I'm thinking of you. No lie.

ETA - I made the icon my default image for a little while. (And I already want to put spikesredqueen's "Smile" icon back that I love so much but I'll let this one be for a little while.)

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Wonderful work, and good luck with the application.

Now to figure out what to do for the 20in20. (Amends? Sleeper? Tara? Willow/Tara? Joyce? The Summers women? *ponders*)
Summers women? Summers women!
I love this! And much as Willow is the goddess and Tara's cthonic, I do really love Buffy, warrior of the people, trailing clouds of glory!

And much as Willow is the goddess and Tara's cthonic, I do really love Buffy, warrior of the people, trailing clouds of glory!

And I love this sentence!

Even as it makes me sort of weep that Tara was not part of the spell in Chosen because she SHOULD HAVE BEEN. Have you read foxstarreh's (foxinator) AU Chosen fic "Save the World"? It's the closest one I've seen although Tara isn't part of the spell but is affected by it in a "this should have been canon" way: http://archiveofourown.org/works/982172

One of the niftiest things about the Chosen spell is that it reverses, for Buffy and Willow, the "separation" of "Manus" and "Spiritus" that the Enjoining spell codified (ironically). Buffy is still the Warrior but it's her and Faith's spirit, their Slayer essence that is poured open; Willow is still spiritus but it's through her body that the spell is channelled.

TARA SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE AS CONNECTIVE LINK. ("It's my first axe-ing" *sobs*)
I can't see your art because I'm on my phone, but insure it's glorious. I won't be doing btvsats20in20 this round because I have a nightmare August coming up where I need to catch up on all my work, so I will be happy if you do Summers women for this round. And have I told you about Photoshop Elements? Cheaper and easier to use than Photoshop. I think it's only about $40 or so instead of $200.
Actually I'm doing Tara, season 4. :) bangel_4e said "Chose Tara!" which gives me all the feels and reminds me of that excellent monologue in Trainspotting, but w/out the irony).

Summers women another round - but two or three people are already doing Buffy anyway.

And that's ok sweetie, I'll pout quietly over here and you make sure you get your work done - first things first! (I was just now perusing your journal, so excellent timing - how do you DO all of that?)

My sweetie probably has a disk with photoshop elements already on it, I'll ask her about it, thank you for prompting. I just finished some banners for a comm and even without having worked in PS I was very aware of the limits of gimp.