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Here be banners for btvsats20in20 Round 2!

1) But first, the usual mandatory and gratutious pimpage: dragonydreams has extended the deadline for btvs_hush Challenge #278, "Chosen" to Tuesday July 29th at 8pm EST. There are only two challenges this time, all based on caps from the episode. Many of the images are much used and well-loved, some more unusual, so the real challenge - and fun - will be to see how artists reinterpret them in a fresh way.

2) And now to the banners for Round 2 of btvsats20in20, away!:

[Come see! Come see!]
teragramm and iconsoleander were the only winners to request banners, although I'm including the "spec banner" I made for starry_night's Hairporn winner. I also made banners for my own winning entries for fun but also to continue to improve and practice techniques. (And not just because I am a shameless awards banner hussy.*ahem*)

Many congratulations again to the winning artists - spending time working with these icons, noticing the wealth of details that had escaped me previously, was a singular pleasure. If you notice anything amiss, please let me know.

final signed for icons oleander round2 plus one   Looking up for teragramm final signed

signed final iconsoleanderTheBody    Hairporn Rd 2 banner final version signed

Guess Who banner final signed version

teragramm AC choice set banner signed

VW cat set banner_final signed

This was my first time making awards banners so many thanks to the wonderous bangel_4e for trusting me with the assignment. (And if rua1412, federica74, starry_night or sweet_lyri would still like banners made, please place your request here.)

- (Anonymous)
Thanks muchly! I hope to keep improving. I've gotten such support and inspiration here.

ipiccy has limitations that I'm already very aware of without having ever used PS. (the fonts for instance - either big and heavy or very thin and nearly illegible. And I can't outline or highlight the fonts for a dimensional effect. I'll have to download gimp again and try to fix the compatibility issues with it and Mac Mavericks.)
- (Anonymous)
- (Anonymous)
No problem hon, and thank you for thinking of me!

One of the benefits of using a computer that belongs to someone else (my sweetheart) is that I've learned to be super-careful about downloading anything. If it were just my computer I'd probably download without thinking about it (and then smack myself later.)

A lot of sites out there are loaded with junk, sadly.
Thanks sweetie!

I love the different placement of the icons :)

I'm so glad! I know banners usually have identical placements from one to the next but I came up with that after the advice you gave me about adjusting to suit the lengths of people's names. Also the backgrounds are all different and have different patterns of light and dark so it made sense to do this. (I was going to put teragramm's "Looking up" icon lower on the banner but it amused me to literally match the theme itself.)

The spec one I did with your icon was the first I did and, oddly enough the easiest - mainly because you icon is already so "smooth" to begin with so working with it to fade it out in the background was extremely easy. (It didn't pixilate as much as the more "realistic" ones, had an even overall tonality, and the waves of hair provided a pretty graphic background pattern.)