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And I can report without hesitation that Vermont is MUCH nicer than Hell.

"Prodigal Daughter" - click limage for full-size version.  Original screencap courtesy of Shadow of Reflection.
Whilst I unpack and sort through all the photos I snapped, talk amoungst yourselves, darlings. Tell me about all your fabulous adventures while I was away. What have YOU been up to?

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Beautiful art! It's the bangel dream in Anne, right? You focus on Buffy and make her look so beautiful.
That is just amazing and so unbelievably gorgeous by the way. I am very glad it was nicer than Hell.. :p.
- (Anonymous)
Oh my goodness thank you dear - I'm ever so glad it pleases! (I hope I never disappoint you.)

(See the Tara blushing gif in my reply to Gabrielle above)

And I admit it was good to go but I missed everyone!
Also, have you seen this fanvid from such_heights on DW, using the Vienna Teng song "Level Up"?

I have now, thank you! Just added it to my bookmarks (and it's 2014, so fair game for January's Buffyverse top 5.)

Thank you for the compliment sweetie! SMG as Buffy is just so easy for me to play with visually.

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