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A Voter's Work is Never Done: Vote Now in Slayerstillness Challenge 28!

Do your groove thang right HERE m'dears. 15 entries to choose from in the Angel Investigations prompt (images strictly from AtS.)

I voted kind of quickly for me (all things being relative) but I still had to sit a few moments and consider the icons in front of me, because something "unfolded" in me - or they unfolded before me, I'm not sure which. Perhaps a better way of putting it is that I had to take a moment to engage with them - a moment well worth taking.  (There's one icon in particular that I nearly overlooked, literally, until I looked again.)

It's impossible to overlook the female-centricity of these icons, dominated by Cordelia, Fred, Illyria...with Lorne as beloved gentleman-in-waiting to the queens. The fandom taking back the Buffyverse - all of it - for the women who form it's heart and it's very reason for being? The Patron Saint of Icons is greatly pleased with this and bids ye continue with this worthy endeavour.

BTW? None of them mine. (So not a crumb of self-pimage in sight. SO FAR.)

Deadline for voting is Tuesday July 22.