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Summertime and the votin' is eas...nope, still just as hard. Does it ever get easier?

Six fine entries for otherworldlyric challenge 178 are up now waiting for your VOTE! (I knew y'all would come through in the end.)  And a due to the lower number of entries you only have to cast votes for your TWO favorites.  Six entries (five if one is yours), two votes to cast - should be easy, mais oui? Easier than voting for 5 or fifteen or gosh knows how many in btvsats20in20 or slayerstillness, yes?

Well....no. Not if you're me at any rate. I stared. I studied. I removed my brand-new bifocals that I'm still learning to negotiate with/around. I jotted (mental) notes. Then I took a deep breath and hit the 'send' button.  WHEN WILL THIS "DECIDING AMOUNGST EQUALLY GORGEOUS/DELICATE/DRAMATIC/CAPTIVATING ENTRIES" EVER GET EASIER? TELL ME, MY DARLING F'LISTIES!  *le sigh*

Entries for Challenge # 176 "A Soft Place to Land" are due midnight July 25th.

On another note, indulge me while I thank the marvelous velvetwhip for rec'ing my artwork in her Semi-Weekly Rec Lists. It really is an honor when someone in this fandom thinks I've done something of note and a singular honor from Gabrielle, who is such a treasure to this fandom and does so much to keep us all connected without a hint of ego, fanfare or fuss on her own part; just a heart as wide as the ocean, a willingness to share the goodies -  and excellent taste. When I first came into this fandom I knew her only as "the Willow/Angel shipper par excellence", and have been so very lucky to discover the fantastic human being is she beyond that.


My Landlord's Yellow Rose, 2014 - Vintage Postcard Variation
Aw, thank you, honey! You are such a sweetheart. I don't deserve all that praise, but it's wonderful and it means a lot. *hugs you tightly* Your art is fantastic, so it will always be included on my rec lists, believe me!

Oh, but the posts of mine you linked to are all locked and filtered, so there's really no point in linking them here.

Ooops *slaps forehead* Being your friend I didn't even notice that.

OTOH, other friends of yours and mine may be reading this and realize hey, I missed that post! (Just like, I nearly missed your rec of my work - because LJ notification is a complete joke. *grrr*)

And you deserve every bit of praise because it's all true. Would I lie? *Hugs you back*
I just would prefer they not be discussed at all outside my journal. Thanks. *hugs you*

Love that rose picture, btw. *more hugs* It's beauteous.

i just edited out the one sentence, no problem.

It's beauteous.


Speaking of, my sweetie and I watched Charlie Chaplin's the Rink on Netflix before we went to Vermont and they've remastered it beautifully - the clarity is stunning. Which means I can now see just how awful the women's hairdos in that era actually were *lol*

(Btw, I never get tired of seeing you use that icon, is that an awful thing to say? I'm so glad it turned out beautifully and that you claimed it as your own.)

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Gosh thank you hon! i made flatter "album cover" versions but this was super-simple: crop, apply San Carmen filter in Photobucket, adjust softness/sharpenss etc. I've been experimenting with my photography skilz lately and I think I'm getting better.

Of course my Nikon camera is truly "idiot proof". :)
Aw, thank you dear, I'm glad you like! And hurrah for voting!

I'd love to see more people involved - I think I get what people are saying when they talk about dearth of activitiy in this fandom. I realized that the most voters any given icontest has is something like, 25 max and 15 is closer to average. That's not a lot of people voting.

And I agree, she is superb.