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Your Patron Saint of Icons is on Vacay but Never Too Far Away Because:

1) Thank you very much to starry_night for awarding me a Mod's Choice Award in Round 27 "Hair Porn"! And thank you to everyone who cast votes for my icons! This award is particularly special for me because this Buffy & Dawn icon was the inspiration for the poster I made for clockwork_hart1's "Conclusive Etymology of a Summers" (my first fanfiction poster, and I hope not the last). Congratulations all the winners of that round for their lovely entries: rua1412, teragramm, tempertemper and iconsoleander!   And speaking of starry_night:

2) Strike up the band and toss the confetti: starry_night has joined comm owner bangel_4e as a moderator of btvsats20in20.  A round of applause, please - two of the niftiest people in fandom coming together to make an already terrific comm even better. (Anyone else interested in joining the team of fandom's newest icon challenge site? Contact bangel_4e.)  And speaking of btvsats20in20:

3) Your votes are needed for btvsats20in20 Round 2 TiEBREAKERS! bangel_4e has 4 tiebreakers posted. I've voted and encourage you to - and not JUST because one of the votes includes my own Vamp Category set. (Which should in no way be construed as me encouraging you to vote for my icons. I'm just encouraging you to vote for the best as you see fit, but by all means VOTE.)

This is actually a first for me so it's nifty whichever way it goes: the first time my work has been included in a tiebreaker vote, and the first time I've ever been able to hit the little "I'm nominated" button! Super-nifty, especially as it involves that set of icons, which I'm super-proud of whichever-which-way the vote goes. (Of the other three votes, the hardest for me to decide was the fourth one - a super-gorgeous Buffy set vs a super-gorgeous Willow set? Decisions, decisions....)  And speaking of otherworldlyric:

2) Ok, granted, we weren't talking about otherworldlyric but I didn't want to break my segueway pattern and anyhow I'm talking it now: More entries are needed by Friday for the already-extended Challenge 178. Apparently dragonydreams received only ONE entry thus far. (Guess who popped one off the night before she went hither and yon on her week-long sojourn in Vermont.) Come on darlings, you can do it. Can make the maximum three entries? Make one or two.  Surprise yourselves! Your Patron Saint of Icons has every faith in you.
I am so thrilled for you! You completely deserve your award!!!!!!!!

Keep having fun!!!!

Oh gosh, thank you, dear!

How funny is it that I dreamt of this exact icon sometime in the middle of the night or first thing in the am before I woke up (and read your comment)? I must have known you'd stopped by! *hugs*
I'm so glad that your Dawn and Buffy icon got picked. SO HAIRPORN, SUCH PRETTY. (And all the others icons are very pretty too!)

(I inform you that I'm just downloading Sony Vegas Now. Due to my dumb brain in technical stuff I don't know how many months it will take to learn how to edit but I'm eager to start the new Buffy video. *squees*)
SO HAIRPORN, SUCH PRETTY. (And all the others icons are very pretty too!)

Right? One of my favorites was rua1412's Angel icon, and you know he's not my favorite character but HELLO, salty goodness! And hello to the gorgeous luminousity and color!

I asked starry night if she'd consider doing this prompt again in future because there is SO MUCH HAIRPORN in the Buffyverse. If I'd had more time, I would have loved to do an entire set just of Buffy & Dawn hairporn bonding moments.

And don't give up on the editing software, sweetie! You're doing great work.
Hon, your set is absolutely gorgeous and creative and it totally deserves to be in the tie-breakers ;)
And once again thanks for promoting the comm and voting...it means so much to me, really.

I hope you're enjoying your time ;)
And congrats on MC! Btw, I'm so happy to have starry_night as my co-mod..she's an amazing person :)
I'll just be lazy and paraphrase what I said to starry_night downthread: THANK YOU so very much for the kind words and it is absolutely my pleasure to pimp these wonderful comms.

You are starry_night are both amazing people and the two of you working together is super-fantabulous.
Firstly, I love your posts! They're always an entertaining read :)

Secondly, your Buffy/Dawn icon is beautiful and well deserving of the MC pick. Your set in btvsats20in20 is also deserving of being in the tiebreaker - it's really beautiful and creative <3

And to echo bangel_4e's comment, thank you for promoting btvsats20in20 and also for your promo work for slayerstillness. Having members promote the comms and bring in new members is wonderful. And I'm thrilled to work with bangel_4e because she's one of my favourite people :D

oh gosh thanks so much! I'm so happy people are enjoying my natterings, it means a lot to know that.

And thanks muchly for your compliments to my work! I've been surrounded by so much encouragement and so many great mentors, artists I admire, that I can't help but improve.

The promo work isn't work at all, it's my pleasure. You and bangel_4e are both gems, and your comms deserve all the pimpage and applause.

Congrats my dear! Proud of you.

Thanks for letting me know about the tiebreakers. I helped out to the best of my ability. It was a tough choice though!
I think at this point I have a permanent blush settled on my cheeks. And it can stay there as long as it likes.

Thank you so much hon! I hope I always give you reason to be proud of me.

Congratulations all the winners of that round for their lovely entries Thank you and congrats on mods choice!
Thank you and you are very welcome! (I was so jazzed to see that Harmony icon this round! And now one at the current otherworldlyrics - girlfriend doesn't get enough love, does she?)
Yay! I was so happy to see your set in the tie-breaker! And FYI, I'm at my sister's house with the fam for the next few days, trying to fight through the medicine haze to do "family time" stuff, which is awkward because I'm the only one of my siblings without a significant other to bring . . . and I have to drink my coffee black because my sister works at a snooty coffee shop and doesn't believe in cream or sugar.
I'm the only one of my siblings without a significant other to bring

Just remember that they're all secretly jealous of your independence and your ability to do what you want to do without kids or the "old ball and chain" to tie them down, and it makes the time pass so much easier. Of course no one will admit to it because that might bring the whole damn edifice crashing down about their ears and goodness, we can't have that, can we?

I have to drink my coffee black because my sister works at a snooty coffee shop and doesn't believe in cream or sugar.

I'm sure your sister is a lovely person (unless she isn't, IDK) but is she your mother? Does she pay your bills? Are you over the age of reason? Then you can put whatever the hell you want to in your mouth and she has nothing to say about it. Sorry, but I have no patience with fascism of any sort, including "food fascism". Screw that.

Sorry, I have feelings about this apparently.. Um, on the lighter side - thanks for the support sweetie!