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I don't know if this is typical of 20in20's because I've not done any others but I love how free and open the claims are - any character, any season, any pairing. It makes things easier and more of a challenge at the same time.

Is that typical of these sorts of icontests?

Here's hoping that some of the folks who had to drop out from round 2 can come and play this time?   (A couple of folks promised Dawn icons and gosh durn, I want!) Or that some of my f'listies who haven't signed up before take a stab at it?  No names mentioned, just sending the thoughtwaves out there.

And congrats to the winners of otherworldlyric challenge 177 dragonydreams and xclaire_delunex!

IRL news, we arrived safe and snug in our "cabin" and have managed not to murder one another - day one down, go us! *LOL*  So what's  going down - or up - in your world, Gentle Reader?

Hey thanks for the reminder I keep forgetting to enter there.. have signed up.

In my experience with 20in20s it depends on the community focus, but those around shows are usually set up in this way, unless they have a specific overall theme for the challenge :)
have signed up.

I just saw that - look forward to your entries!

those around shows are usually set up in this way

As opposed to (example, please)?

I think it really depends on the focus of the community and what the members like.
I run lovebites20in20, which is about The Vampire Diaries, and when I asked if they wanted free claims or an assigned theme (a couples, a vampire, a character, an episode), they chose the latter so..I guess it depends.
I put free for btvsats cause I thought people would like that kind of freedom..sometimes you just wanna icon an episode or a character in a certain season and I wanted a place where you could do that freely (unless it's a special round) so I went for that.
Personally, I like both options... :)
I'm glad you made it safely to your "cabin." Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacay!
I'm still messing with my medication cocktail, but otherwise I'm a little stressed for Comic-Con next week and getting everything done.