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My Entries for Round 2 of btvsats20in20: VAMP WILLOW


[My entries behind the cut....]

10 Themes
HairPorn Guess Who Plus One Second Claim Hands
Sorrow First Scenery Looking Up Levels
5 Category |SAME PICTURE
Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4 Cat 5
5 Artist's Choice
AC 1 AC 2 AC 3 AC 4 AC 5

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I LOVE THESE!!!! I have to snag Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella and Cat1. Your work is just stellar!

(There is something wrong with the formatting of this entry, though, and it messed up my Friend's Page. Just thought I should tell you.)

Mind if I snag those icons?

Oh sweetie! I was so anxious about these, I hoped you'd approve. thank you for putting my heart at ease.

Snag away by all means! I did Smile yesterday and finished Cat1 just this morning, so literally the two of the last ones of the bunch! I was in an exhausted "Oh what the hell how would I know what people like but I'm having fun and putting myself into these"mood." So they were the latest babies in the bunch and kind of dear to me: my love of VW''s pretty little mouth, my sense of humor and my aesthetic sensibilities and love of vintage photography and art right there.

So it's extra special that you love those two Gabrielle - and that YOU love those. (If you'd like me to personalize either one let me know btw.)

Also If you have any trouble downloading let me know.

(There is something wrong with the formatting of this entry, though, and it messed up my Friend's Page. Just thought I should tell you.)

*headdesk* Rats.

Thanks for telling me sweetie, it's taken me two days to get this up, I've been having such a terrible time with the formatting of the html, that's why I had to delay a day. I thought everything looked ok finally so I hope I don't have to redo. Messed up your friends page how exactly, may I ask? I'll go look at mine and see what's what.

HOLY HELL - you're feeling apathetic about these why? They are literally awesome. I do think you made a good call about the ones you selected to enter though, they are superior than the others - though I love 7, 9, 11 & 13 absolutely to pieces.

All of the Category ones are awesome.and there's something so SEXY about "Hands"

These are awesome. You are artist. Viva. Brava.
you're feeling apathetic about these why?

Because I've been working on them nearly a month when I wanted to have them done weeks ago and most of the time I felt so uninspired. Your fic banner? I made that and tons of Buffy icons when I was struggling with these. Buffy is as easy as taking breath for me.

The ones Gabrielle picked out - Guess Who and Cat one (close ups on the mouth) I finished today and yesterday when I was so tired all I could do was throw up my hands, say screw it, and have fun.

I do adore the Catagory set but that's one of my favorite images ever anyway. SO easy to work with. If I hadn't been working on it for this I would have used it for a slayerstillness set.

I do think you made a good call about the ones you selected to enter though, they are superior than the others - though I love 7, 9, 11 & 13 absolutely to pieces.

Thanks! My brain and eyes hurt from all the overthinking. The alts you mentioned are all ones that were very nearly entries, along with #1 - I LOVED working on Vamp Xander/Vamp Willow icons. Aren't they adorable in a sexy-dangerous way?

there's something so SEXY about "Hands"

Thank you! AC 1 was going to be my hands entry and then I saw that image and had to icon it. That was one of those super-easy crop, brighten and done icons, nothing to it. I was interested in how important Vamp Willow's hands are in both episodes - she's tactile & sensual & very "in her body" in ways that Willow decidedly isn't at that point. (Although I am a bit uncomfortable with the idea of sensuality = evil. *shakes fist at Joss' victorian mentality*)

Thank you so much Lucy.

The hair porn and it's corresponding alternate are gorgeous! I also love the same cap pics and the alternates for it - you did a lot with the same cap!

And look at you using icon tables like a boss!

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lexi if I'd had my way, every single one of my entries would have used that cap, or at least cat and AC. A rainbow version of cat 2 was supposed to be levels. I've got alternates I didn't post here.

The AC's were the biggest problem because Catagory felt like "AC" to me - I forgot I had five more to do!

If I ran fandom multiple icons of any single image would be encouraged!

I like the hairporn ones too - I think those were among the first ones I made.

And look at you using icon tables like a boss!

Um...actually, I kept fucking it up and running to bangel_4e for help and postponed my entries a day. This took two full days to get right. (I was this close to running to you and pleading "Do this please!")

But besides that, yeah, go me! *lol*
Wow, better than ever!

I love the crop you used for 2nd Claim. As well as your cut on Levels ... both really interesting.

Your Cat Set is amazing .... not one I don't like there. The colours and/or the crops are spectacular, on what is quite a simple image. Well Done.

Love AC 2 & 5 ... and the unusual image, with stunning colours of AC 3 is truly inspired.
Oh thank you! I'm glad it was worth the work - I guess the pain was good for me, eh? Thank you so much sweetie (I get a gold star, yay!)

I almost claimed Buffy (and the First) in Sleeper for this round obviously and can see myself doing it in future. I have a black and white version of second claim with deeper shadows - her face is just something else to work with in that episode, with all the angles and Sarah's expressiveness.That shot in particular you can just feel the tension - it's a mix of fear and curiousity and WTH?

I'm glad you liked levels thank you - that was the HARDEST theme for me here. I did that version, yesterday? I did so many (see alt 3) and tried to do Vamp Willow and Dark Willow etc and couldn't make it work. This was just creepy enough I thought because of the desaturation effect and the eyes.

The catagory set was serious fun because I love that image.I have several other alts from that I didn't even post. it's one of those images I could go on with forever. I just wish I could replicate Cat 5. I tried and have no memory of what I did with that one.

AC 3 was going to be my Guess Who for the longest time. So glad it worked for you I was never quite happy with it but I liked the color of this one. (I think I just kicked up the saturation to nuclear.)
SO PRETTY. I especially like Hair porn, Guess Who (Seriously one of your best icons ever) Plus one (Pretty colors!) Looking up, cat 3, cat 5, 9 and 13 from the alternates. So colorful, I like them.
I love hairporn, hands, cat 2 and ac 4.
Good set! :)

edited to say: I also love alts 6,7,8 and 12. :)

Edited at 2014-07-10 09:22 pm (UTC)
I also love alts 6,7,8 and 12. :)

And the entries you singled out are amoung my favorites too.

All of those were almost entries up until the end.

Thanks so much for the compliment hon, I'm honored!
They are all gorgeous, but "Let a smile be your umbrella" just made my day)
"Let a smile be your umbrella" just made my day)

So glad it made you smile *dusts of hands* My work here is - just getting started.
You're getting so good at icon making!!!! Is it practice or a new art program?

I love guess who, scenery and all of your category pictures (especially cat1) It took me a minute to realize they were all from the same cap.

I'm really impressed much you have improved.
Oh my goodness. Do you know you're one of my favorite artists in fandom? I look at your icons and say "I want to achieve THAT (clarity, color, luminosity) someday!"

Is it practice or a new art program?

Bit of both. I've made hundreds of Moulin Rouge and btvs icons (most of which will never been seen by anyone) but when kwritten introduced me to ipiccy, my skills took a huge leap upward. Or at least I had access to effects I'd never had before. (Layers are textures are entirely new to me.)

that said, you're not seeing all the failed or meh efforts - and goodness I made tons of icons for this round just to get 20 I was satisfied with.

I'm really impressed much you have improved.

I'm blushing very bright red right now, I'm certain. Thank you.


Vamp!Willow for the freaking win!

I absolutely love these icons. I think you captured her essence remarkably well. I see snark. I see manipulation. I see raw sexual awesomeness.

Also, I really want to snag the Cat 2 icon. Do you mind?

OMG - my goal this round was to please my "Willow posse" (aka you, Gabrielle, SRQ & Ryan). I'm so glad these work for you. SO honored.

I think you captured her essence remarkably well. I see snark. I see manipulation. I see raw sexual awesomeness.

I LOVE THIS DESCRIPTION. I want to have it's babies. Too perfect.

It really struck me looking at the caps how tactile, how sensual, how physical VW is in every way and the camera revels in that, as does Aly. It must have been a joy to play that part.

Do you mind?

Do I mind? Of course not! And it's one of my favorites - the entire catagory set were my favorite part of this round. My favorite variation of that one is actually a rainbow colored one but I thought the sepia one worked better with the others as a whole. Please help yourself to both/either:

I'd be more than happy to personalize it for you like I did for Gabrielle, but I don't think text would work on this icon - not enough surface room.

Edited at 2014-07-11 02:40 am (UTC)
I'm doing a quick drive-by tonight, but I wanted to say that these icons are fantastic!
Thank you very much, teach! you've been ever so helpful to me. *hugs*

(now make sure you buckle up before you get back on the road *lol*)
Hey, there! I don't have time for a long message but these are lovely! Guess Who is especially brilliant :D
Short and sweet feedback is short and sweet! Thank you! I'm really super-flattered.

Guess Who was one of the last ones I finished - l think yesterday or the day before? It made me laugh, so I figured someone else would like it.
- (Anonymous)
Finally I made it here! And I'm totally glad I did because these look great! Your icons are looking better and better, so well done! :D

Ok, now since I could actually comment on all of these, I'm going to pick my Top 5 (ish) to comment on:
- Hair Porn - Gorgeous colours and the texture is beautifully placed to give it that little extra something. I should add that I love the alt of this too but I think the pinkish shade works that little bit better.
- Guess Who - Perfect crop and I love how the lips stand out.
- Plus One - Love the crop, colouring and the texture in this one. Even though I hate the idea of a Willow/Xander pairing, I love the vampire versions of themselves together.
- Looking up - Love the side crop here. The colouring is beautiful and the text works well.
- The Cat Set - love this! The different looks in each icon are all wonderful but I particularly love the soft vintage look in Cat 1 and the sort of painting effect in Cat 3.
- AC 2 - Love the grungy look here. It kind of adds to the fierceness of Vamp!Willow in a fantastic way.

Honourable mentions to Alts 6, 7, 8, 11 and 12 :)