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The New Template (AKA, do I know how to waste time or what?)

So I went with Woodcut Winter (because you were dying to know that, right?)  I almost went with Weston Grey, which it turns out is the one gabrielleabelle used; I have a weird thing about not wanting to use the same font I associate with someone else's well-known/well-traveled (in my head at least) LJ.  And I wasn't sure about the times-roman style font.  Carson, Minimalist and Unity all had very clean (if slightly cold) graphics and readable ariel font.  But I've only seen one other person use Woodcut in my little corner of LJ acquaintance, and it has a similar warmth and elegance to Weston.

And I love history and the antique enough for the design to still appeal to me (although my preoccupation is more 19th century, specifically the last quarter of the century, the fin de siecle, than the 18th century.)  

Thank you kikimaypocochina, and readerjane for your recommendations. (I told you I know how to waste time.  Lots and lots of it.)
Thank you! (Who knows how long I'll stick with it, but for now I think it's pretty. And not too strongly colored - I don't want to distract from the posts themselves. Hopefully this is easy on the eyes.) Thank you for your suggestions!