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Banners for Slayerstillness Challege 26: Comlodge Outdid Herself (and I Got a Surprise)!

I've been waiting to see what comlodge would come up with because I knew it would be special but THIS is a work of art. I love how she incorporated the challenge prompt in her banner, the image she chose and the focus on Dru's expression; the textures and lighting that give the scene the look of a watercolor painting (or an aged and water-stained print); the subtle border of the banner itself, and the elegant font with shadows, outlines, and ombre effects. A drop shadow border sets the icon off but HOW does she give the icon that subtly rounded edge so it looks truly dimensional? Beautiful work and well worth waiting for. I feel sort of embarrassed that my icon is sitting on it.

My only concrit? SIGN YOUR WORK, JANICE! WHERE'S YOUR SIGNATURE? This work should be signed (and there's plenty of space to do it.)

ETA: Signed versions now up, thank you Janice!

I was about to thank her in the reply thread when I scrolled down and saw this:
"Beautiful cut and colour and the framing draws the eye straight to the charachters. Great texture."

(Or at least in my chair, chair-dancing being an underappreciated art form)

And I'd moped that no one noticed my Willow/Tara icons. Shut my mouth. Once again I didn't see this coming at ALL and wouldn't have selected that particular one even if I had. Really sweet surprise. I know the dangers and pitfalls of getting "too attached" to awards, but the fact that I won awards in two catagories I've never received before is really sweet.

And it's extra motivation for me to "reclaim" Willow and Tara, because they meant a lot to me when I watched the show two years ago - their relationship felt as fresh and revelatory to me as if I'd been watching them ten years ago. Not just the sweetness and light but the darkness, the bad choices, all the things that make it a true-to-life relationship.

Janice also gave a banner maker's choice to one of kwritten icons of Buffy and Dawn embracing in Chosen. Great choice - Kelsey made some really unusual and unexpected cropping choices in that set, and goodness knows I love a good crop.

THANK YOU JANICE. My day is made.
your win(s) were totally deserved. that anne set was great.

(also there's more of my set(s) on my eljay because OBVIOUSLY everything didn't get submitted and in fact some of my favorites were waiting in the wings. thanks so much for the compliment! I was pretty happy with most of what I submitted for this round!)
Congrats on your wins! And thank you, I was thinking of you when I made that Anne set. You'd liked one of my previous ones and I wanted to use ipiccy to capture the image better.

I haven't had a chance to take a look at the other icons! i loved how you captured Buffy's expression at the edge of the first set, and the Dawn is the Key icon got my vote for Most Creative. Someone makes me smile, laugh or think? BONUS POINTS, BABY.

I thought those might be yours at first from the subject matter (Summers Sister 4-evah) but the aesthetic and cropping were a bit different to what I normally associate with you, so I wasn't sure. Definitely original and fresh sets.

I'd love it if they did that sort of prompt again, I enjoyed it. You?
oh my gosh this was the most fun I've had with an icon challenge in a long time! I'd love for them to do this again :)
See? Everyone knows you're awesomely talented! I am so happy for you! Well-deserved!


I already looked at the banners on Janice's journal but I'll say it again because GORGEOUS, so pretty.

Thanks sweetie, I think I'm ready to come out of the closet. *lol*

GORGEOUS, so pretty.


She also does her own artwork mostly equestrian that she sells on redbubble *makes note to pimp*
Thank you Deborah!

I'm not feeling so wonderful right now - I have my VW set finished for 20in20 and finally got some I like, but I can't get them posted, so I've asked bangel_4e to look and tell me what I'm doing wrong in the html. *headdesk*
Wonderful banner and your "most creative" win is totally deserved, awesome icon!
I'm glad you like the banner. I don't sign them, though I have signed the generic one I post above the cut in the past. I don't sign them because the banner isn't about me, it's about you and all the other winners. It's your award for a job well done.

I liked your Tara/Willow icon, and no I did not know who made it - I never look who did them when I get to pick a bm, because it stood out for me and I thought the texture added to the emotion of the cap and also to my knowledge of their story. I thought it a good job and it was one I'd voted for as was kwritten's.

Well done and keep iconing and pushing yourself. :D
no I did not know who made it - I never look who did them when I get to pick a bm

Oh that's interesting! Is that a choice you can make?

So glad you liked the texture and thought it added to - I love that effect, and probably need to watch from overdoing it. It's actually one of the effects in the "lights" textures, and I remove the color from the texture itself because I want the "brushstrokes". (the "Drawing" filters aren't as effective to the same purpose in ipiccy.)

I adore the effect in teragramm's icons, but her's is obviously crisper and more sophisticated.

Really touched that you thought mine was worth a nod, there were so many fine ones you might have chosen.

keep iconing and pushing yourself.

I shall, my Mistress. Thank you for the encouragement and support it means so much. Would you like your grapes peeled now?
Is that a choice you can make?

Yes, because by the time the banner maker gets to do his or her thing the original comments are all unscreened so that we can see who made what. Once I've made my choice I have to go find out who made them so that I can make the banner. :D

I remove the color from the texture itself I do that all the time by using blending modes in Photoshop. In fact blending modes on a layer can wildly change a colour for you without any further work. The background of the banner is four layers - a black (which lets me fade the ones above if I want, a quite bright, antiqued water colour texture, and two copies of an antiqued, stained paper texture. The paper gave me the border and the the top layer set to exclude faded my bright background to allow the images and the icons to take centre place.

That is the beauty of a texture. Fading it, colouring it, masking some of it and changing blend modes. One can take an image and make it art. :D

Yes, I think peeled and pitted. :D
PS The rounded edges are done in Layer styles in Photoshop with the embossing tool. I would think Gimp would do that and probably Ipiccy too as it is sort of a basic. When combined with the drop shadow it does give a very floaty look and helps the image stand out.

I'd be happy to sign your for you if you would like

I would LOVE that *hugs you*. I always credit banner makers and try to make sure I know who made something. I understand your reasoning - so generous - but I don't think it's different to making anything meant for someone else; like the poster art we've both done for clockwork's fics, etc. They were done for a purpose but the artist still deserves credit; it enhances it in my mind, not detracts from it.

And you've elevated awards buttons to a high art here.

And thank you very much for the tips on the edging devices! I'll look for that in ipiccy and see what's what. Another example of how amazing this banner is (and no I can't stop singing it's praises and yours), you've thought through ever single detail of this, you didn't just slap the icons on and called it a day.

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I added your signed banners to my journal post for you. :D

And you've elevated awards buttons to a high art here.

I have to blush here. I rather enjoy the detail of art, of finding the last nuance that might push it from nice to something more. :D
I just re-read your intro up there and I'm trying hard not to send a stern smack your way. Embarrassed! You do yourself and the people who voted for your icon no justice with that sentence. You've created a lovely piece that spoke to others. It's hard to put your work out for others to judge, harder to accept that judgement sometimes. You are allowed to be proud of your work and grateful for each success. It is really hard just to accept these things, I know. The lesson is worth learning though, my handmaiden. Be proud of what you produce. You thought well enough of it to post it. Now go peel my grapes and no more slighting yourself! :D
Yes, Mistress, you're quite right. *hangs head* You've been incredibly dear and encouraging to me but sometimes I do need a kick in tha patoot.

You do yourself and the people who voted for your icon no justice with that sentence.

If anyone else said what I'd said, I'd tell them what you said. Why can't I listen to my own advice?

You are allowed to be proud of your work and grateful for each success.

It is hard - easier here because I'm "anonymous" but out in the world it feels like, if I dare allow myself to be proud of what I do I'll get smacked down. Thank you for reminding me.

Here are your grapes - do you want a fingertip towel to go with?
I added your signed banners to my journal post for you. :D

And I've added them to my journal post, thank you!

of finding the last nuance that might push it from nice to something more.

I enjoy that very much too - how I can I make an image "mine"?